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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Possible 'CRAWLER HUMANOID' Observed by Oklahoma Land Owner (PHOTOS)

A northern Oklahoma resident is on his family land target shooting. He starts to notice unexplained activity, strange odors, and sounds. Then he observes a human-like entity in the tree line.

The following account was sent to me for interpretation. It was originally posted on a subreddit:

"My family owns around 360 acres in northern Oklahoma that has been in our family since the land rush. Growing up, the family would meet there for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but as the family expanded, it was quickly outgrown. Nowadays, I'm about the only person that goes there, and I go/went there regularly to train with my firearms. I went there earlier this year and had an experience that shook me so badly, that I haven't spoken about it until recently and will never go back there alone.

I arrived around 2pm and set up my targets, but something felt off. I use an electronic headset for hearing protection that also amplifies ambient noise, and I noticed that everything seemed to stop. No wind, no bugs, no birds, nothing. Just complete and total silence, which is very unusual for the area.

I run my normal drills and as the sun starts to set, things get stranger. Odd smells (like a dirty litterbox + body odor) started coming around, and I noticed that the coyotes were crossing the field west of me, almost as if they were consciously avoiding entering the woods nearby. Then, I started hearing interference coming over my headset, and what sounded like disembodied voices speaking in an indiscernible language that I couldn't hear with the naked ear. Now, I'm starting to worry; I start gathering my things, and then I hear what sounds like a woman's blood-curdling screams coming from the woods. I've heard mountain lions and bobcats squaring off, which we do have on the property, but this sound was neither of those things. Around the same time, I got what I can only describe as a nauseating, omnidirectional feeling of being watched, shortly followed by very distinct footsteps trudging through the foliage in the tree line approximately 30 yards from my position. I've been an avid hunter since childhood and familiar with the noises of the woods, and the cadence of the footsteps was indicative of a large, bipedal creature...oddly human-like. It was very concerning, considering I'm in the middle of a large swath of property that's 25 miles from the nearest populated area.

I pull my phone out to take a video, and I start scanning the treeline with my flashlight. Standing behind a tree at the edge of the tree line, was a tall, black silhouette with spindly limbs and a pale face, looking directly at me. I managed to capture a still image of it from the video that I will try to find and attach. I quickly grabbed my range bag and made a run toward my truck. I get about 50 yards from the truck, and the light post on our property (that is hooked up to county power and has never turned off in the 20 years I've been going here) suddenly cuts off. Now, I'm blindly running in the direction I believe my truck is in while I hit the unlock button on my fob to find the lights. I get in my truck, speed off, and as I'm watching in the rearview, the lightpost turns back on.

I'm finally ready to get this out in the open for interpretation. I tend to think of myself as a rational person that doesn't necessarily believe in the "woo" kind of stuff. Although, my mother described me as being sensitive and somewhat gravitated toward "energies" as a child.. I was doing everything I could to rationalize or come up with a reasonable explanation for the things I was experiencing, but I have no explanation. The kind of fear this experience put into me is/was unlike any kind of fear I'd ever felt." SK

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