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Thursday, November 24, 2022

DOPPELGANGER, Protective Spirit, or Something Else in the House?

Did the witnesses observe a Doppelganger of their father, or was there a protective spirit residing in the house? Interesting series of incidents. What are your thoughts?

The following account was forwarded to me:

"This happened a while ago, either December 2020 or January 2021. But I remember what happened clearly since it was bizarre and the only paranormal encounter I personally ever witnessed in the house I live in.

It was snowing a lot and this was around 2:00-3:00 AM at night. My little sister and I were awake and we went outside in the backyard to look at the falling snow without informing our parents. They were in their room along with my brother. The whole backyard was covered in snow and everything was very silent and still apart from the falling snow.

After looking and walking in the falling snow in the backyard for about ten minutes, me and my sister both heard my name being called loudly by my father's voice, and we looked and saw a figure standing right from my room's window overlooking us and staring us down. It looked like my dad's silhouette. We thought we were in trouble since our dad is strict and overprotective, however, both of us did agree that we also got an eerie feeling at the same time since something felt off.

We went back into the house and we both went into my room and it was empty. Then my sister went into our parent's room and asked our dad about it, and he didn't even know we were outside and that he didn't call my name.

We also recalled later, that the way the silhouette was standing, it would have been impossible for a person to physically stand like that by my window since there is a bedpost in the way.

There were some paranormal events in my house before this happened. The other paranormal events were on the 2nd floor and were reported by separate Airbnb guests that rented the 2nd floor. One guest complained of hearing threatening disembodied voices and two separate guests complained of seeing an unidentified person in the dark that stood completely still and didn't say anything to them but watched them from the bottom of the stairs. I think this might have been a shadow person since the guests couldn't describe the face or clothes saying it was too dark to see.

Ever since the latest paranormal occurrence I described in this post, I haven't experienced any other paranormal events at all. The 2nd floor isn't rented out for Airbnb anymore because my extended family lives there and they haven't reported anything out of the ordinary and haven't felt threatened by anything paranormal.

My theory is that if something bad were to happen if we continued to stay there, so a benevolent spirit might have lured us away from danger by making us return inside. I believe that spirits in some households are good spirits that look after the household and don't disturb unless needed for safety. It's worth noting that the activity never happens to us, but to a small percentage of Airbnb guests. The spirits might have been angry at the guests for some reason or thought the guests aren't safe for the household? Then again, it could have simply been a mischievous spirit wanting to play a prank and thought it was hilarious." S

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