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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Possible Multiple SASQUATCH ATTACK Woman at Pet Cemetery

A retired nurse in Douglas County, Oregon was in the process of burying her deceased cat in a family pet cemetery when rocks and branches were thrown at her by at least one Sasquatch.

"I'm a 70-year-old retired nurse and a 27-year veteran of the US Navy and Army. I grew up in Oregon and frequently went hunting and fishing with my father. Every year since I could hold a fishing pole or legally hunt with him I guess you might say that I knew most of the animals that are normally found in the area near where I lived and hunted during these expeditions into the wild I've never seen heard or smelled anything that might be evidence of a Sasquatch that lived in the areas where we hunted. I've also been skeptical that such a creature existed even after the Patterson film was released.

While I was on active duty I came home on leave for hunting season which occurs around my dad's and my own birthday. The last hunting season that I went with my father before he could no longer hunt was near the area where my encounter would occur. We've seen bears, big cats, elk, and deer in that area. I have three cats and I've always kept three since I left active duty. My cats would age and pass on and bury them in the same area where all of our pets have been buried over the years. Since there are bears in the area of our little pet cemetery I carry a sidearm when I'm up there. I also remain alert to the sounds around me.

One of my cats passed away the day before the encounter on June 18th. On the afternoon of the 19th, I took him up to the little pet cemetery below Harness Mountain which is located in Douglas County, Oregon. I was digging the small grave and was nearly done when I heard what I thought was a bear moving through the brush on the small hill above the pond. The breeze shifted and I got a whiff of a strong musky odor. I thought I had a bear either stalking me or passing close by. I drew my pistol and chambered a round and what happened next caught me totally by surprise. There was a loud grunt and something started to stomp through the trees. It was snapping branches, making a stomping sound like hollow drum beats. Well, I finished digging the grave while the creature circled me stomping and grunting and when it was opposite of me across the pond it picked up a big rock about the size of a medium watermelon and threw it across the pond toward me. It landed a short distance from the bank and splashed water up to where I was digging. Well, this was disconcerting so I finished the burial without any ceremony and I stacked some large rocks on the grave that I had hauled up with me to protect it. Then I got ready to leave. and hiked to my truck.

I loaded my tools back into the pickup and got ready to drive off and I heard another loud grunt from the hill behind me. I got in and pulled out onto the main road and started to drive away. As I passed through a clump of brush near the swampy area a rock came flying from the brush and hit my windshield knocking a big round chip out of it. Down the road, a long piece of branch hit the pickup and landed in the bed. I sped up and I got out of there. The rock that hit the windshield had dropped down into the opening between the windshield and under the rear edge of the hood. It was larger than a softball and the branch measured eight feet long and four inches thick along the length. It was too large and heavy to have been easily thrown by a human.

After reflecting on this encounter there must have been more than one of them based on the distance between where the rock was thrown and where the branch was thrown. I went back up there a couple of weeks later to check on the fresh grave to be sure that it had not been dug up by a wild predator. I planted some native iris. The new grave was untouched but on top of the three little graves, I found that some large flat river rocks have been placed on top. The nearest source for those types of rocks was 15 miles away.

As I was leaving on this trip another rock was thrown at my pickup. It was as I drove away and this one landed in the bed doing no damage. The rock was close to the same type and size as those being used on the newer logging roads in the area. In the summer of 2019, it was a dry year and many of the springs had dried up. The pond was probably the only source of water nearby. These creatures may have been trying to drive me away so that they could access the water. I never saw the creatures that I encountered but one thing is for sure, bears don't stomp nor can they throw rocks or sticks.

I've heard later that when Sasquatch throws rocks they lob them underhanded. But the rocks that were thrown at me were thrown with a flat trajectory like a baseball. I didn't take time to search for the tracks or any other evidence of what had been trying to intimidate me. I felt that I was not welcome in that area, at least while I was there." S

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