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Sunday, November 06, 2022

EERIE SET OF EYES Watches Alarmed Oklahoma Duck Hunter

An Oklahoma duck hunter is alarmed by an eerie set of eyes seen across the pond from his location. The movement was frightening, and cannot be explained. Weird account.

The following account was forwarded to me by my friends Cam & Kyle at Expanded Perspectives:

"I live in southeastern Oklahoma, and this happened during a public land duck hunt nearly 7 years ago. I’ve been an avid outdoorsman from a young age, and this is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I was hunting solo, and none of my buddies were able to join. I had hunted this spot countless times and knew the area very well. It was loaded with ducks, so I decided to go alone was acceptable. I arrived at the slough plenty early, peppered the pond with decoys, brushed in my blind, and sat down roughly 30 minutes before shooting light.

This pond stretches 80 yards wide, and 200 yards long at normal water level, and is located in a densely wooded creek bottom. The side I was sitting on faced the dense oak trees, which came nearly all the way to the water. My rechargeable headlamp had been slowly dimming throughout the morning, so the battery was losing juice.

As I sat in the still, calm darkness, I heard faint footsteps coming from the other side of the pond. It sounded very faint; noises that would be produced by a doe or a stealthy raccoon. I flashed my light across the water, and a pair of eyes lit up. The height of the eyes was around 5 feet, about a foot taller than the reeds that surrounded the pond. My assumption was that it was a deer; no other wildlife in the area could possibly be that tall. I kept my dimming light beam fixed upon it, and remained confident in my assumption that it was a deer. That is until I saw the eyes move.

I’ve seen deer in the headlights a million times. I know how they move, and I know about their careful, meticulous maneuvers and mannerisms. This set of eyes moved to the left, but it did so in a very unique and eerie way. It never diverted its eyes away from me; they were entirely fixed across the pond, never once looking to watch its step or over its shoulder. They felt like they were on me. Not above me or to the side of me, but directly at the source of the light beam. When the eyes moved, they did so in a rhythmic swaying motion. It would sway to the left, sometimes pausing for several seconds, sometimes several minutes, and sway again (By swaying, I mean its head would move to a vertical position, and then back to a horizontal position, finally coming back to resting position a couple of feet from its last position). I’ll also note that it never moved in a jarring manner. An unbroken stare and sway, with no abrupt movements. I probably watched this thing for 15 minutes. What frightened me the most is that it was slowly rounding the pond in my direction, and my light was on its way out. After this thing had made it 30 or so yards, my light sputtered out.

I sat extremely still, 12-gauge in hand, and prayed earnestly for the sun to come up. I was horrified and kept my eyes on its last known position. Ducks soon came and I didn’t shoot. I was too scared to move for a few minutes. I waited and decided to watch for the thing to move once I shot. I unloaded on some cupping ducks and saw nothing fleeing from the scene. No movement. I continued to watch for movement throughout the morning, and never once saw or heard anything on the bank or in the woods. This thing had vanished without a trace; I looked for tracks for an hour to no avail.

It’s not a crazy story, nothing grandiose. Looking back, what I remember from that morning was an overwhelming sense of being alone, and an impending sense of dread as the set of eyes slowly moved around the pond getting closer and closer to me. And in the 10 minutes between my light going out and the first ducks lighting in, I was petrified in my makeshift blind, trying to keep my breathing to a minimum, and listening intently for any crunch of the leaves or twigs. However, once my light had gone out, I never heard or saw anything.

I’ve talked about this encounter with many of my outdoor buddies, and nobody could offer an explanation. Many suggested a mountain lion, but I’ve watched videos and footage of their movements; this wasn’t it. Have you guys ever heard of anything like this? Any rational explanations? I’d love to hear input from the professionals." JL

NOTE: This is an interesting account. It doesn't seem to be an animate object or being, possibly a manifestation? But, then again, who knows? If you have a suggestion, please feel free to comment. Lon

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