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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

WEIRD EXPERIENCE: Time Slip, Glitch, or Possible Precognition?

The witness experiences a time slip, glitch, or possible precognition. He believes that he saw and communicated with a relative moments before they actually acknowledge being there. Weird.

The following account was referred to me:

"Three years ago, on my last trip back to the US (I'm an American who lives in Japan) before COVID, I went to a big family reunion in the mountains. The family has been doing it since the 50s (long before I was born). We all rent cabins and kind of take over this cabin rental place and wander around between them hanging out and catching up. Good times.

Anyway, my wife and I arrived and went to my aunt and uncle's cabin to see them and my cousins. When we got there, only my aunt and uncle were there. My cousins and their wives/kids were all out playing on the lake or walking around town. My eldest cousin and his wife were out on the lake paddleboarding. My cousin's wife had requested some stuff from Japan, which we had brought over to give her.

My aunt offered me a beer (this was late afternoon), and I accepted, and she and my wife, and I chatted in the kitchen/dining room. My back was to the window that looked toward the lake, and to my right, behind me, was the back door of the cabin, which is what we usually use anyway, because it's by the parking spots and it has a deck to put things like inflatable rafts and stuff for the kids to play in the lake with.

So we're chatting, and my cousin's wife comes in the door and walks behind me back toward the bedrooms and bathroom. She doesn't acknowledge us, but I stop her as I see her pass me, walking through the living room. She stops right before turning into the back hallway where the bedrooms are.

"Oh, there you are! I have the Japan stuff you asked for!"

She turns and says, "Um, okay, but can it wait until I use the bathroom? I really have to pee."

"Of course!"

She turned and went back into the back of the cabin.

Two seconds later, she comes in from the back door again.

"Huh? Did you forget something?"

"Uh, no? I just got here."

"I know, but you said you were going to pee. I didn't see you go back outside."

"Uhhh... Yes, I'm going to pee now, but I just got here."

"No, I mean... I mean, you got back, walked back toward the bathroom, I stopped you to tell you I had your stuff, and you said I could give it to you after you peed."

"...No, I didn't. I literally just got here. And I have to pee. So can we do this after that?"

After she got back, I went through it again. I thought she was f*cking with me, but I couldn't figure out how she could have possibly made it back outside that fast without me noticing. She would have had to run through the living room right next to me, run right behind me, between where I was leaning against the high counter and the dining room chairs behind me, go back outside without making a sound, and then nonchalantly saunter up onto the deck and through the door... And then tell me she really needs to pee, so can we do this later?

I kept insisting this happened and laughing and telling her to cut it out. She was laughing at first, too, because she thought I was fucking with her. But eventually, her face dropped to a really serious expression, and she said, "Dude, you are freaking me out. Are you okay?" (I should note that she's a clinical psychologist; she was starting to worry I was suffering a psychotic break).

Over the course of the weekend, I pressed it many more times, because I am certain we had that conversation. I was not drunk. I was not jetlagged (we'd already been in the US a week by then). It was the middle of the day. She was wearing exactly the same clothes, even though I hadn't seen her at all on the trip yet. How could I imagine her with the exact appearance she really had on that day?

But here's another weird thing. My wife was standing next to me. I was talking to my aunt. My uncle was right behind her, cooking. None of them remember her coming in or me talking to her, even though I did it mid-conversation with my aunt.

Given all of that, I simply have to conclude that this is a truly spooky/paranormal event. A time or dimension slip or something. Astral projection. I don't know. Maybe she was thinking of how badly she needed to pee, and I was thinking that I really wanted to give her presents, and our consciousnesses met somewhere in the middle.

I don't know.

But I know it happened." FA

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Ken Gerhard is a cryptozoologist and field investigator for the Centre for Fortean Zoology as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute and consultant for various research groups. He has investigated reports of cryptids and mysterious animals around the world including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, Mothman, Thunderbirds, and Werewolves.

In addition to co-hosting the History Channel series Missing in Alaska, he has appeared in dozens of television episodes. His credits also include appearances on several news broadcasts, Coast to Coast AM, as well as being featured in various books, DVDs, and articles by the Associated Press, Houston Chronicle, and Tampa Tribune. Gerhard has contributed to trade publications including Fate Magazine, Animals and Men, Cryptid Culture, The Journal of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, and Bigfoot Times.


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A Paranormal Life welcomes Barry Littleton, a paranormal, & near-death experiencer. Bernadette McDaniel (Host)

Barry Littleton was born somewhat awake with fragmented past life memories. He began having paranormal experiences at a very young age. These experiences included telepathic awareness, sometimes seeing or feeling ghosts, and various inorganic beings. Some of these encounters, and some of the entities themselves, had a distinct extraterrestrial origin. These unusual encounters led him to a lifetime of research and exploration into both the metaphysical, and paranormal fields.
He majored in Psychology, Sociology, & Ethnic Studies at Wichita State University. For the last 22 years. He’s worked with At-Risk Youth, & Juvenile Offenders by utilizing the cognitive behavioral approach.
In 2010, Mr. Littleton had a near-terminal tragic car accident resulting in sustaining four Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), along with a very definite Near Death-Experience (NDE). This event was life-changing; it was predicted that his condition would remain in a near-vegetable state. It was cognitively surviving this catastrophic event, with mental faculties intact, that spurred him to come forward about contact and paranormal experiences.

He hopes to help unite Extraterrestrial Contactees with similar encounters, and interests, and to cross the racial color barrier that seems to exist within the field. Since coming forward, he has had the pleasure of meeting awakened people from across the globe, which has been an amazing experience!

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