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Monday, November 28, 2022

BIGFOOT STRUCK & DECAPITATED on Ontario, Canada Highway: Witness Interrogated by MIB!

Matt Kanga was a German immigrant who was working in Ontario, Canada over the Christmas holidays back in 2018 when he had his weird encounter. He shared it with the Surreality Podcast hosts, who confirmed that there indeed was a road closure in the very place, in the same time period where Kanga indicated the accident happened.

“What I'm about to tell you is absolutely true. My name is Matt. I'm a 21-year-old guy from Germany and I was taking a working holiday in Canada. This was always a dream for me to explore and experience this large and beautiful country. It was really a pleasure for me. I arrived here in August and had the best time of my life until this Wednesday. But now it's turning into an absolute nightmare.

I always loved driving late at night, especially on relatively remote roads. That's why I chose to take the ON 502 northbound from Fort Frances to Dryden that evening. It was December 19, 2018, around 11:40 PM, on a long bent part of the road. Suddenly a semi with its hazards flashing stood on the right side nearly in the ditch. I stopped in front of the truck and got out to ask the driver if I could help him. I immediately noticed that the left part of its front was really heavily damaged. The headlight and grill were broken the hood was pushed backward and smashed. A bit of the windshield and everything was covered in blood. Only then I realized that there was more blood on the road as well. From what I could see in the dark with a small amount of light came from my tail lights, his intact right headlight, and his marker lights.

"Oh god, he hit a bear!" This was my first thought from the amount of damage I could see. I walked up to the driver's side door and knocked a few times. He didn't answer. At first, I thought that perhaps he was going to get some help but then I reflected that we were in the middle of nowhere and Dryden is like 50 kilometers away, and that he'd more likely use his cell phone or his CB to call for help.

I knocked again and no response. Then I opened the door. He was huddled back in the cabin. He was shaking. His skin was pale like a dead person's and he looked like he had so much fear and shock, as if he'd seen the devil in person. "Can I help you? Looks like you had a really serious accident here. Are you injured?" I asked him. No response. "Hello, are you all right, sir?" "I'm not sure," he mumbled. "Does anything hurt?" "No, but I... I hit it." "I see that. I don't think that the bear is still alive, to be honest." "It wasn't a bear," he responded with so much fear in his voice. I got confused. "Are there elk in this part of Ontario?" I'm not a native so that was the first of what I thought. "It's okay, you're in shock. Take a breath." I responded. "Did you call?" He didn't even react.

I left him alone in his rig and got to my van to get my cell phone. I was glad that I even received service in this part of the province. I told the operator what happened and she assured me that she was sending an officer and an ambulance to the scene. She asked me which operator the truck was driving. I couldn't give her an answer but she said that there would be roadside assistance coming as well. I then hung up and went to the semi-driver to tell him that I called for help. The only thing he did was nod.

I got my flashlight out of the car and searched for the dead animal. I was still convinced that he had hit a bear because I was very curious about what he really hit and determined to tell him that it was a bear. The blood was spread all over the road and I could see where the bear was flinching too. Then I saw its body. Holy crap! That is indeed a really large bear, I thought to myself. The creature was approximately 2.8 meters. The head was partially decapitated and its face wasn't like anything I'd ever seen before. It was like I was looking at a gorilla-human-type face. It was so unreal. The teeth looked like what you'd see on the great white shark. Its eyes were partly closed but it was like you could see the pupils glow underneath. They weren't really glowing but it's the best way I can describe it. It was some ape-human hybrid.

Do you know when you really feel uncomfortable? All of a sudden? That's what I was feeling then. I didn't believe in Bigfoot before but I watched something about it a few years ago on MonsterQuest. I couldn't believe what I saw but I knew exactly what I was looking at. I never thought that I'd experienced something like this in my entire life. This can't be real. Where's the hidden camera? I hoped there would be a TV crew coming out of the woods to admit their hoax but there was no TV crew. There I was alone with the truck driver and this thing.

I went back to my car and I vomited into the road and sat in the driver's seat. I think it must have been the trance and then in the distance, I saw the emergency lights flickering. It was a police officer or an OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) patrolman. I can't recall it anymore. He asked me what happened and I told them exactly what I'm telling you. At first, he was very suspicious about my story but I knew that he knew I was speaking the truth. He went back to his patrol car and radioed something in then went to the trucker. In the distance, I saw more headlights, and the whole crew from the fire department and another police car showed up. The police officer was directing the men at the fire department to the rig like he wanted them to only take care of the broken semi and its driver. He then talked to the other police officer and I could see that he went pale immediately. The second the first officer ended his sentence, I was absolutely sure about the fact that both knew that these creatures exist and that they have like a plan of what to do and not to do in cases like this because none of them went to the place where I told the first officer where the body of this creature was located.

The second officer came up to me and told me that I had to follow him to the police department for a full report. So I drove behind him to Dryden. At the time we drove up to the city, maybe after 40 kilometers, a convoy of dark vehicles passed us at high speed to the scene where we were coming from. The junction on ON 502 and ON 594 was blocked and no car was allowed to drive on the ON 502 southbound. Arriving at the police station the officer took me to the interrogation room and offered me something to drink. I had to wait until someone arrives to interview me and I had to give away my phone and my personal belongings first. I refused because I didn't understand why but his voice got very specific and I handed over my things.

After what felt like an eternity, a man in a suit came into the room. He looked really odd, a bit like an ill person because of his greyish skin, bald head, and sort of sunken cheeks. He had a thick Quebecois accent and spoke gently and calmly without any expression at all. I had to recall all details of what I experienced, all of my personal information, and the purpose of my journey to Canada and he took fingerprints of me and even a sample of my saliva. I felt like a criminal, so ashamed and uncomfortable like I'd done something horrible. Then I had to sign a document, like a non-disclosure agreement, but there weren't any coat of arms banners or stamps on it. After that, he looked dead in my eyes and asked if I'd seen what I had seen. I said 'Yes.' His tone got really stern and he asked me again and I knew that I had to decline his question. After that, he explained to me that they will know everything I do. It's crazy that they're so open about it. Then he left the room.

Shortly after that, a female officer came in and gave me back my personal things and explained to me that when they checked my immigration information, the system informed them that I have to leave Canada by January. Better a command that I must take a direct flight to Germany, my current ETA got declined and I can't apply for any future ETA and even my ETSTA as well. I can't believe it. Only because I've seen this thing, I can't travel to North America for the rest of my life. I am now on a blacklist like terrorists. When I turned on my phone, it sent me to the first instruction screen like when I first took it out of the box. The same with my laptop. So these people erased everything on my electronic devices to be sure that there isn't any information going public. All of my pictures are gone. They even placed all the things in my van upside down like they were searching for evidence.

I'm really sure I am being taped right now and I'm lucky I could write my story about this until now, to be honest. I am currently here at this disgusting A&W here in Marathon and will drive back to Toronto. Now I really don't know what to do from now on. I have to sell this van, cancel my insurance here and get on a flight back home in only six days and New Year's Eve is between all this.

Please wish me all your luck. The truth must be spoken. I won't be intimidated by anyone but I also won't risk my own life. Well, that's the encounter.

Transcribed Source: Decapitated Sasquatch and deported witness

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