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Friday, June 24, 2022

Possible Mermaid Recalled at Karachi, Pakistan Aquarium in the 1960s

A woman recalls her encounter with a possible mermaid in the Karachi, Pakistan Aquarium when she was a teen. It was about 2 foot long with a human female's face on the underside.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"My grandmother often narrates a story from 1965 when she visited the Karachi Aquarium (in Pakistan) with her family, near Clifton Beach. She was 14-years-old then but her memory of the extremely strange fish sighting is quite vivid to this day.

She recalls having seen a fish, 1.5 to 2 feet long, and dull grey in color. When it was swimming in the tank, it looked like any other fish, similar to a salmon perhaps. However, when it stood still in a vertical position, what my grandmother saw was quite strange.

The eyes and mouth of the fish were placed on the underside, above the stomach and the tail, much like a stingray's. Its face resembled that of a woman, like a realistic mermaid. Its eyes were elongated like almonds and the lips were thin and shockingly, bright red in color. The red of its lips contrasted with the grey of its body.

The top of its head was comprised of fin-like structures, shaped like a crown. The nose was high and pointed. She says its face was very beautiful and feminine, and not creepy at all.

She has narrated this story innumerable times and every single time we have found it very hard to believe on the basis that she was merely 14 then and thus, her perception of the mermaid-fish can be subjected to either wild imagination or faltering memory.

The reason I choose to believe her story is because her brother, who accompanied her to the Karachi Aquarium, confirms the mermaid sighting. Moreover, her brother happened to visit the Aquarium again ten years later and claims he saw it once more.

I have tried to search for this type of fish on the internet, found pictures close to her description and showed her but she said her fish looked different. This matter continues to linger in our minds." MH

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