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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

'Termite Insectoids' & Implants Recalled by Louisiana Experiencer

A 68-year-old retired real estate professional, named JR, recalled insectoid experiences that occurred when he was a young boy while living in northwest Louisiana. An implant was recovered.

“When I was eight-years-old, I had a bad case of the measles, so my mother quarantined me in a small bedroom in the center of the house. It was a fitful night. I was awakened by a dim light in my bedroom and my eyes began to focus. Coming out of the bedroom walls were what appeared to be giant termites probably five or six of them. The insects looked to be three feet tall and had large almond-shaped black eyes. Their bodies were translucent. They surrounded my bed. Suddenly, a larger entity came through the wall and stood at the foot of my bed. I remember feeling paralyzed.

The last thing I remember is waking the next morning. The next night was a repeat of the previous night. I remembered screaming for help the night before and no one came. I screamed the second night and it brought no help either. I later questioned my mother and she revealed that she had heard nothing and she told me that it was probably just the fever.

Fever or not, about three days later, I developed a sore spot on the inside of my right lower leg. It became infected and started to hurt so my mother took me to the family doctor. He was a small town doctor and he looked at the spot on my leg. He drained it when he noticed a foreign object embedded in my leg. He didn't seem to be too concerned about it and he matter-of-factly probed around and removed an eighth of an inch sized chunk of metal. I'll never forget the clank it made in his specimen tray. It was shaped like the tip end of an eight penny common nail. Was it some type of tracking device? He bandaged my leg up and I was left with a scoop shaped scar to this day.”

The witness didn't think much about it until one day, he saw a copy of Whitley Strieber's 'Communion.' He was overcome with emotion. His wife and him talked about it and discovered that both had odd incidents in their life. His wife remembered, as a girl, in the second grade, getting on a train for a class trip to Texarkana, Texas. She had no memory of getting off the train. Curiously, JR had a similar experience in 1964, when he was 10, of getting on a train for Texarkana. He never arrived there and had no memory of how he got back.

In Autumn, 1995, JR and his wife observed a lighted object 300 feet in the pasture not far from their cabin. It departed. JR noticed next that a large portion of the sky was blacked out. A dark object, bigger than the pasture (100 yards x 100 yards), was hovering there 200 feet up over the tree-line. It eventually vanished. His wife passed away in 2012.

Transcribed source: Dixie Cryptid Podcast, from a video titled, “Marines Open Fire on a Jungle Demon”, Uploaded 13 Jun 2022

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PA. DOGMAN / UPRIGHT CANINE ROUNDTABLE & DISCUSSION - Chestnut Ridge Report - Lon Strickler (Host)

Phantoms & Monsters Radio presents a Pennsylvania Dogman / Upright Canine Roundtable with our guests James West, Eric Mintel, & Ron Murphy. Eric Altman, Pennsylvania cryptid investigator, will give us a Chestnut Ridge report.


James West is a 2-time Dogman experiencer and documents other encounters & sightings throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. James is also a member of the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team.


Eric Mintel and his Bucks County Paranormal Investigations team travel the state and country exploring the mysteries & history of the paranormal and unexplained. Eric and his team have recently investigated the 'Beast of Bray Road' phenomenon and continue to delve into other cryptid canine reports.

Pianist Eric Mintel has played for 2 Presidents (Clinton and Obama), has performed over 10 times at the Kennedy Center, performed a special concert at the United Nations in NYC, and has been featured in several publications, both newspaper and magazines. He is a protégés of jazz legend pianist Dave Brubeck.


Ron Murphy, 'The Crypto Guru,' has been investigating the stuff of nightmares for over 30 years. He has delved deeply into the shadows to shed light on the things that go bump in the night and meticulously researched the historical and psychological context of myths and legends from around the world. Ron seeks to uncover the archetypal precedent for the monsters that haunt our collective thoughts.


Eric Altman is a cryptozoologist, specializing in researching the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon with a combined 40 years of study and field research. He is the founder and director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Eric was also the host and co-founder of Beyond the Edge Radio, a live weekly radio program covering a variety of paranormal and fringe topics from 1997 to 2019.

Eric has been actively investigating cases, sighting claims and conducting field work dating back to 1997. He has lectured and presented across the country dating back to 2000. Eric has been featured in multiple documentaries, films and television programs about Bigfoot.

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