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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Cigar-Shaped UFO Released 'Yellow Sparks' Over Greene County, Arkansas

Two young friends observe a curious cigar-shaped UFO, that was releasing 'heavy yellow sparks' from its back end, which were falling into the forest below in Greene County, Arkansas.

I recently received the following report:

"Hello, I discovered the Phantoms and Monsters show on YouTube a few days ago and I have really enjoyed what all I've listened to so far. I thought I'd tell you about a UFO encounter I had when I was a child.

I am a 24-year-old guy born and raised in Paragould, Arkansas in Greene County. We're part of Crowley's Ridge in northeast Arkansas. My encounter occurred, I believe, either in 2008 or 2009 when I was either ten or eleven years old. It was during the Fall, possibly in October or November. I remember it being chilly outside. It was a Friday night around 10 PM. I was spending the night with my best friend. His parents were divorced so we were at his mother's home which was located out in the country in the Ridge. We always loved exploring the woods out there and spent hours wandering around getting into all kinds of trouble each time I visited. 

That night we had decided to take a quick walk around outside. We thought doing a bit of spooky nighttime exploring would be fun. We headed out with an LED lantern and walked around for maybe 10 minutes or so. We were walking down a gravel road, not too far from his house. It was part of a pathway to his neighbors big fenced in area, I believe they had horses. As we were walking along we both noticed something flying out above the tree tops.

We were facing west going down the path and this object was heading from north to south. We could see it pretty well above the trees due to most of the trees being bare and us being a bit of ways away from the tree line and slightly elevated. If I had to guess, I'd say it was probably less than a mile away from us, judging from recollection and consulting a map of the area years later. It was sort of cigar-shaped and dark. It had consistent lights, one on each end. I can't really remember the color but I believe there was a color to them. There were no blinking lights anywhere on the object, the two lights were always on. This thing moved very slowly and silently above the tree tops.

When the object reached almost the midpoint of our field of view it started doing something real peculiar. Its back end started releasing, what seemed like, sparks down into the trees below it. It was sort of like welding sparks or the sparks seen on the back of the rocket ships in old Flash Gordon or Buck Rodgers serials. The sparks seemed "heavy" though, for lack of a better term. Like they were falling with heft behind them like rain. I believe they were yellow or orange, almost like molten metal now that I think about it. This continued as it kept going, it may have stopped releasing sparks after a certain point. I can't quite remember. The entire encounter lasted between twenty to thirty seconds. Eventually the object went beyond where we could see and we lost it.

During the whole encounter I was asking my friend, "Are you seeing this? What is that thing?" He seemed petrified watching it. I remember at the time having some fear watching it. It was a mix of fear and astonishment watching this happen. In my head I had this notion that if we made ourselves too visible it might turn and head for us. It might not have done so but that was one of the thoughts going through my head at the moment.

After it had gone away my friend was very adamant that were were going back to his house immediately and weren't going to be staying around out there. I tried talking to him about it on the walk back to his house but he wouldn't say much about it. When we returned, we eventually got back to the usual sleepover activities, but it was hard shaking what we had witnessed and it was frustrating to me that he didn't want to acknowledge what had happened. As the years went on we eventually went our separate ways, as we each found different cliques in junior high and high school. Sadly, a few years back, my childhood friend passed away due to an unfortunate accident leaving me the only witness.

I have no idea what we saw that night. I've tried recently to retrace the steps and look it over with a map, but I've not found any answers. I've tried watching videos of flares being dropped from planes and helicopters but it really doesn't look the same. I also can't imagine a plane dropping flares while flying so low above the trees. I'm going to include a map of the area to try and give a better idea of the area and situation. I'm not really sure how large the object was, the large arrow is just to give the general area I think it was in. I also am including a mock up of the encounter I made in a photo editing program showing what it sort of looked like from where we were standing. If you have any questions about my encounter feel free to contact me through email. Thank you for reading." DR

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