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Monday, June 20, 2022

Satanic 'Goatman' Chases Alarmed Capul Codrului, Romania Villager

A young Romanian man encounters, what he describes as, a 'goatman' while walking home one evening. It chases him until he reaches his house. His grandmother reacts, saying it is a satanic being.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"I want to tell you what I suffered 5 years ago in the village of Capul Codrului, Suceava, Romania. One morning, when I was 18-years-old, I went with my friends to swim in the river. I stayed there until the evening, ate, etc. At around 9 PM in the evening we decided to go all home. We gathered our things, but threw ourselves once more in the water. After we left, we walked all together about 200-250 meters. Each went to their house. After we broke up, I was left alone, but I kept walking towards my home. It was a bit cold and it was a little windy.

I arrived at to the grocery store in the middle of the village. It was dark and the lights near the street were blinking so I said I would wait a bit to see if anyone passed by there to go with them down the valley so I did not feel alone, but no one passed. I decided to go home alone, but it was eerie. I started to walk and about 100 meters from that store I see, about15 meters in front of me, someone who is tall, and very wide. I thought it was a man from the village. I walked faster towards him to walk with him, meaning that I was not afraid anymore. As I was walking towards him, I heard strange noises  (he was on the other side of the street). I decided to go faster and overcome him.

When I got nearer to him I noticed that he had a big head, shaped like a goat's head. This creature (goatman) was very hairy. I quickly walked by the creature, but I turned my head and looked in its eyes. I had an overwhelming sense of sadness and fear, and I started to cry.

I want to describe this creature as best as possible. It had red eyes and horns, with grey hair. I believe it had human-like hands, but the feet were definitely hooved by the noise it made when walking upright. It yelled and started to run towards me. I started screaming in fear, but no one seemed to hear me. I entered my alley / my street. I could barely breathe because I was not used to running. I looked behind me and saw that it disappeared, I quickly opened the gate at my house. I ran in the door, I went into the house crying. My grandmother asked me what I suffered, and I explained everything. She said she did not believe me.

After I calmed down, and told her I left the door open. She said she was going to close it, and that she wouldn't let me out for a while. She left the house. I was looking out the open window, as my grandmother walked to the gate. I heard her scream and watched as she quickly ran to the house. She went quickly into the kitchen and took 4 large garlic cloves, blessed oil and a aghiasma with holy water. She anointed me with garlic, oil and holy water and gave me a crucifix, and told me to close my eyes and say 'our father.' She threw the garlic on the door and the gate. When my grandmother came back, she told me that our family has had problems with this creature before. She told me that the goatman I saw was Satan and that a woman from the village had cursed our family years earlier. The creature was on the neighbor's bench when she went to the gate, and when it saw my grandmother, it looked into her eyes with malice.

From that moment, I did not leave the house and my grandmother called my father to bring me to France, that Romania was too dangerous for me to stay. That was 5 years ago and my grandmother still refuses to let me visit her." EE

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