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Friday, June 10, 2022

Flying Anomalies / Cryptids Reported: Manta Ray-Shaped Being, Thunderbirds, & Bat-Like Humanoid

Three recently received reports of flying anomalies / cryptids. A possible small manta ray-shaped being, a pair of Thunderbirds, and a bat-like humanoid.

Hello Lon. I've seen something in March 2022 her in western New York

I was out for a early morning walk around 6:45 am when I noticed something crossing the road about 40 feet from me. It was an off white color, almost a tear drop shape. It was about two feet off the ground seemingly flying since I couldn't see anything from it leading to the ground. 

When I first noticed it I saw it for two seconds in which time it flew about five feet distance while maintaining an altitude of two feet. After the two seconds it seemed to flip sideways at which point I couldn't see it anymore. But I stayed focused on what its course was and sure enough it flipped back to an angle that I could see it again.  

Again, I could see it for about two seconds and then it flipped back so I couldn't see it. This happened four times in total as it traveled about 40 feet from the road where I first saw it, until it disappeared from my view behind a house. Very odd indeed. It was a cold morning with light misty rain and foggy in spots. It wasn't very big, maybe 12 inches at its widest point, which was from front to back. About 8 inches side to side. But it must have been very thin, like 1 inch thick because when it was flipped I couldn't see it at all until it flipped back. 

I was left wondering what I had just seen and after a few minutes I remembered about the flying rays and I assume that is what I saw. Nothing else fits in describing what I saw that morning." MG


“I live in Oklahoma and, along with my friends back in 1993, were part of a gang - Neighborhood 90s Gangster Crip. Always strapped and ready to fight because of other gangs. It seems cliche, but one stormy night they walked to the store, then a couple of minutes later they came busting through the door and said that they where attacked by two large birds. They gave the description and said that they where on top of the trees and when they seen them they swooped down and tried to swoop them up. We asked how large they were as we thought they where talking about turkey vultures. They said that there talons where as large as there faces and the wingspan was at least 20 ft. Seeing them scared made me believe they were telling the truth.

Then in 1996 me and my wife where driving from Oklahoma City to Luther, Oklahoma on a stormy night. As we're going around a bend in the road my wife said stop the car and said what's that in the trees. These trees are about 3 stories and we see two huge all black birds with there wings spread out and they take flight. Since then, no one can tell me Thunderbirds do not exist.” S


“It was 2011 in San Luis Obispo, California. I was in this old internment camp built in 1942. It was a foggy night cloudy. There's tons of wild life - deer, turkey, cats, etc. - in this river trail. A few of us were on the bleachers.

One of the guys there was a few feet from me. Looking up at the sky. Then he started calling my name. I was busy talking to the other guys. He said my name a few times before I said, 'What's up?' He nodding and said, 'Look up.' I looked up. It was a flying bat-like humanoid with cloudy milky skin. He had to be like 7 to 8 feet tall with a wing span of like 11 feet gliding above all the wildlife. He was like 50 yards up in the sky roughly to the right 45 degrees up. Seen it for like 10 seconds. It glided behind the clouds and disappeared. Then we looked it each other like WTF?

So my theory is that these predators are really intelligent. They know when to hunt on cloudy days when they will be less seen and detected. On clear nights, no creature ever flew by but that day it was cloudy, foggy and visibility was minimal, but when we seen him there was a break in the clouds.” YB

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Graeme Rendall is a full time author and a commentator on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) issue. He is also a contributor to the "The Debrief," an American news website dealing with cutting edge science, tech and defence news, and a frequent guest on various podcasts looking at UAP. He also writes articles on the subject for UAP Media UK. Graeme has written a critically-acclaimed work looking at the "Foo-Fighters" witnessed during World War Two and the numerous wartime cases that occurred before the term was coined in November 1944. He has been an aviation and World War Two history enthusiast from an early age, when he was given model aircraft kits "to keep him quiet".


Luke Shannahan is an experienced ufologist who has been researching the phenomenon for 20 year's and in the last 5 years has become a dedicated field researcher & social media manager. Running two internationally known and respected Facebook groups UFO FILE'S GROUP and Into the Dimensional Rift. Born in Melbourne, and now living in Queensland, Australia, Luke has had an eye in the sky and an interest in UFOs since he was a boy. Luke has thorough knowledge of astronomy and ufology and has interviewed several well-known experiencers, such as Calvin Parker and Jim Penniston. Keeping and ever watchful eye on the Australian sky.


Mark Fiorentino is the author of "Master of Reality' which is a book about the completion of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. Mark spent most of his life working in the High Tech industry, starting out as an electronic technician at Harris Government Systems located in Palm Bay, Florida. That job was one of the most enjoyable and interesting jobs I had. I worked on a Killer Satellite missile guidance system. He left Harris Government Systems and moved to North Carolina and worked for IBM for the next 16 years, trouble shooting computer systems and hardware. He also taught myself computer programming and used that knowledge to develop a program to failure analysis faulty electronic circuit boards. Later, Mark moved back to Florida and worked for 5 years at a company named ImageSoft, then finishing his career locally in his hometown working in the IT department at Winter Haven Hospital. Mark's website is at www.super-relativity.com

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