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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Two Winged Humanoids Encountered on Bridge Over Dundee Lake, New Jersey

Two friends are traveling east towards Hackensack, NJ, crossing Dundee Lake, when 2 large winged humanoids flew up from the lake and crossed over the bridge, barely clearing the car.

I recently received the following information:

"Lon, a friend (Jerome), and I (Don) we're in a car traveling east, toward Hackensack, New Jersey on RT.46 or RT.80, can't remember which. This was in the late 1990s, summer time, around 6 PM or so. Still light out and a clear sky.

We slowed down a little because of traffic  and all of a sudden from our left, came 2 winged creatures gliding over the tops of the cars, maybe 3 feet or so, not flapping their wings. They were a shiny, brownish color ( they looked almost like they were wet). We both just said, "WTF! Did you see that?" It was almost like it happened in slow motion! I'm pretty sure we weren't the only people on that highway that saw them. They were at least 6-7 foot long, human-looking, but I couldn't tell if the arms were attached to the wings or not. Also looked like skin instead of feathers, almost bat-like. Like the "man-bat" character in the DC Comics of Batman. That's one thing neither one of us will forget." Don R.

NOTE: I contacted the witness for more clarification, and received the following:

"Lon, I put a circle on the map of RT.46 east (actually the Garden State Parkway) in New Jersey, heading towards the Saddle Brook area. The sighting took place as we were driving over that body of water. As we slowed down, due to traffic, these 2 things came up over the side of the highway on our left, glided really close over the car tops , and just sort of dived back down towards the water, on the opposite side of the highway. It happened in a few seconds, I couldn't make out any facial details, but they were both of a slim build, and like I said before, it looked they were wet, maybe they came out of the water that we crossed over. But they did look almost human-like, no beaks or tails, 2 thin arms and legs, with bat-like wings. They just had their wings spread open and easily glided over the highway and cars that were traveling in both directions. If I had gotten out of the car, I was the passenger, I could have reached up and touched them, that's how close they were." Don R.

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