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Monday, June 13, 2022

Black Helicopter, Large UFO, & Lost Time Experienced in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

An Alaska dock supervisor noticed a black Blackhawk helicopter hovering near his home. He then witnessed a huge saucer-shaped crafter, experiencing lost time afterwards.

Bill Sleaseman, a dock manager at a local fishery, had just gotten home from work and was relaxing at his log cabin. It was just before dark when he heard a helicopter somewhere close by. It carried on for awhile and he decided to go outside with his binoculars and find out what was happening. Upon stepping outside, he observed a Blackhawk helicopter not far away. It had no markings of any kind and was completely black. He stood watching it hover, curious as to what was going on.

He eventually grew bored and turned to head back to his cabin. This is when he observed something in the sky – an enormous object hovering a quarter mile from his home. Bill could only refer to it as a “starship” as it was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. The craft was saucer-shaped and appeared to be greyish-silver. It was 1500 to 2000 feet long, 600 feet across and 350 feet in the air. It had a diamond crystal lighting design in the bottom with a blue, white and reddish colored light being projected towards the ground. Bill had been aboard a supertanker during his years in the fishery industry and this object dwarfed the biggest supertanker he'd ever been on. It was just monstrous in size.

As he stood watching it, he began to feel strange. He felt a weird energy and his body seemed to be “humming.” He went inside his house and called a neighbor, telling him to look outside. The neighbor looked out his window and confirmed to Bill that the object was indeed there. Bill was now deeply curious and retrieved a chair from the house and brought it outside where he sat down and watched the UFO “for hours.”

The next thing he remembered was waking up inside his house. He had no memory of entering his house nor did he know how the UFO departed. He was just watching it one second and the next, he was inside his house with no memory of how he got there.

The next day, call-in host Bob Bird of KSRM Radio, a local radio station, claims that he and the station were bombarded with hundreds of calls from people who reported seeing the UFO and/or strange lights.

Transcribed source: Aliens in Alaska Season 1, Episode 6, “The Mother Ship”

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