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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Blue Orb Encounter May Have Initiated Witness 'Walk-In' Transformation

A man visiting the family cabin in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains encountered an unexplained blue orb one late night. Since then, there have been physical and emotional changes.

I recently received the following account:

"Hi Lon,

I come to you because you seem to hear a lot about the paranormal and I think you may be interested in my story. Though not as extreme or visual as other accounts, mine was still very sensory nonetheless.

This was about a year ago, during the early morning hours of July 3rd, 2021. My grandparents own a 15-acre plot of land that is in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. There is a cabin on the property that myself as well as many others in my family visit often. It’s not old, and the cabin was probably built around 2008. I asked my grandmother if there was anything weird about the plot of land when they first purchased it after my experience, and she said not to her knowledge.

Anyway, a few days prior to this event I was doing some minor, not really at all serious, research on spirits, the little people, and just generally other paranormal experiences. I didn’t take any of this seriously, though as a kid I always had a soft spot for Bigfoot and the like. Ironically, at this same cabin I have always felt like I was being watched since I was a little kid. Though, this could be due to the overactive imagination I had when I was younger.

So, Friday evening my mother and I drive down to the cabin. Nothing unusual, we arrive there and my uncle, grandmother, and grandfather are there. However, my grandfather at one point gets jolted awake from a nap because he said that he felt a “human hand” touch his shoulder and my uncle also said he heard a pig squeal in the forest at some point during this evening. Both were drunk, however. There are no wild pigs in the forest to my knowledge. Things continue as normal until 1AM. 

Everyone goes upstairs to bed throughout the night, with my uncle being the last to go at probably 12:30 AM or so. I am laying downstairs on a couch, where I sleep, in a room surrounded by windows. I remember being unable to fall asleep, even though I was tired from the 4-hour drive to the property. I put on a video on my phone to try to get myself tired. It was like an old English cottage restoration video if my memory serves me correctly, and I try to sleep again after 20 minutes of watching the video. I get up to go to the bathroom before I close my eyes and this is where the strange stuff begins. I walk back to the couch I was laying on and for a second I notice a blue disc that was bright, but emitting no light, go beneath the opposite window to where I was resting. I thought this could have just been my mind playing tricks on me so I brushed it off as nothing.

I lay down to try to go to sleep on my back, facing this big window. I don’t remember feeling watched like I usually am, and I close my eyes. I cant fall asleep for about 15 minutes, so I open my eyes and I see this bright white orb resting on a tree branch. I can’t see anything without my glasses, so without blinking I put my glasses on and maintain eye contact with the orb. Now, I should say this, you can sometimes see cars lights from the nearby highway, but this was way too bright. I can only describe its physical appearance as being what a star looks to the naked eye, where its just a white dot. I didn’t want to reach for my phone to take a picture as I had an overwhelming feeling it would disappear. I regret not doing that.

I wrote about it making a circular motion, but I don’t at all remember it doing that. Though, again, this was just under a year ago and I just found your blog.

I stare at the orb for probably 20 minutes. I felt really intrigued by it. It didn’t speak to me, but I also didn’t feel a “holy presence,” like there was an angel or anything in front of me. I should mention that am not at all religious, but I would consider myself agnostic. I decide eventually to get up and walk to the window, when I cup my hands around the window to get a better look. I remember seeing a little figure in the glow, but only for a moment before I blinked. It then disappeared.

I lay back down, confused about what I just saw, and then I felt a warm feeling. I don’t know how to describe it really. I started hearing knocking behind me in the kitchen, and it sounded like there were 2 things making noise, talking or communicating with each other. There were 2 dogs upstairs and they made no noise at all. Following this, I closed my eyes and I started to feel this indescribable feeling. It was like pins and needles all over my body, except instead of being uncomfortable like pins and needles are it felt really positive and I enjoyed it a lot. I wrote about having numerous oddly intrusive and commanding thoughts and that it felt like there was a lot of energy running through my body too.

The next day a lot of strange things happened. My mother and I leave the property on Saturday evening because she needed to be somewhere on the 4th, and on the day of the 4th I had a very spiritual experience. I was mediating, which is something I never do, and I saw outlines of figures with wings, a horse with plants hanging from its mane that looked at me (it felt friendly, not at all malicious), and a snake with wings. I also saw orbs floating in front of me that were on a string. They sat in front of me until a big neck and a weird human/deer face came up from beneath them and wore them as almost a necklace. Glyphs appeared on the orbs (I don't remember specifically what they looked like) and then the deer thing smiled at me. It slipped away with the orbs and I felt the urge to keep my eyes closed. I wrote in my journal about seeing a black circle and I held my hand up to it and then I got visions of a lot of flowers but I don’t remember that part as well as the others. I opened my eyes that was that. I also supposedly heard a cat on my desk meowing that woke me up originally but I don't recall that. Supposedly my room smelled like apples and cinnamon after my visions but I don’t remember.

I’ve been to that property several times since and the feeling of being watched is gone and I haven’t had any weird occurrences. My grandmother, who has died in a car crash but was brought back to life by paramedics, and is spiritual and believes in ghosts and all that type of stuff just nodded her head when I told her and said "Yep."

I hope you will enjoy my story. I don’t know what any of it all means and I have been wondering for a year now, but I hope you will enjoy reading it and hearing about my supernatural occurrence. Please, feel free to email me back if you would like any questions answered as I am an open book. Thank you. A"

NOTE: I believe that this witness experienced a profound change when they observed the orb. In fact, it may have been a 'walk-in' experience, where a person whose original soul or life force, has departed their body and has been replaced with a new and different spirit or essence. I advised the witness to look at the criteria described by other walk-in experiencers in order to compare. Lon

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