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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Large, Screeching Bipedal Cryptid Chases Man in Norman, Oklahoma Woods

A homeless couple is camped out in the woods of Norman, Oklahoma, One night, the husband is chased by a large unknown bipedal cryptid. The wife describes the eerie screech it made.

I recently received the following account:

"Ok, it's kind of a long story, but bear with me. I wanted to give a little background to why we were in the predicament we were in at the time.

So, sometime in the late summer (it was getting close to the Fall months, around late September) my spouse and I were going through hard times then, living homeless in the woods of Norman, Oklahoma. (The exact location was, I believe, on W. Robinson St. right next to a Crest grocery store). We picked that location because it was conveniently located next to the grocery store for when we would go to get food. There was also hotels nearby when we wanted to shower up and could afford a hotel with what money we had on our paycheck.  Legacy Park was across the street, so we could use the bathroom there as well.

Anyway, we stayed in those woods for about 2 months before we saved enough money to get a bus ticket out of town. My spouse would hear things at night in our tent before he would come to walk me back from work. It sounded like a woman talking. I thought he might be hearing echoes of voices from walkers across the street at the park, or store. But he acted like it was right behind him near our tent. We were pretty far in those woods, because at one point, we weren't the only people in there. We wanted to be far enough away from the other homeless people to give them privacy, and us as well. Plus, we'd had a looter before go through our tent, so we were trying to go unseen, more or less. 

We had been seeing a huge owl that used to sit right above our tent, and in my tribe, the owl is a messenger, and it's usually a sign of death or a bad sign. It would stare straight down at our tent some nights and just sit there for a really long time. I used to open up the flap of the window in the tent and just see it staring at me, kind of freaked me out. Then it would fly away, and the sound of its wings was very loud. For a week or so, it came almost every night and sat on our tree we were under. Not too long after that, was when the scariest night that we had experienced there happened.

We always burned all of our trash. My husband would burn it a ways from from the tent, so we had made a little path. There was other junk there from what people had left behind. Well, he was just getting done burning our trash one night in the junk pile, putting the fire out. There was this huge cedar tree that was behind him and its limbs up top had started to break, as if something was crashing down above his head. It scared him, and he moved out of the way. But there was nothing there that he could see. Right after he heard that and was looking around, something started chasing him out of that area. I had been sitting in the tent, around the corner. I suddenly heard running feet go passed our tent and then it stopped. There was nothing behind our tent though, except thick brush and thorns. And if anything ran in there it would have got stuck, or we would have heard the leaves crunching, etc. I thought it was my husband. I yelled out to him, kind of laughing, 'What are you doing?' But there was no response. THEN, immediately after, I SEE my husband running towards the tent, down that path from around the corner where the trash pile was. I got freaked out then, because I wondered what just ran on the side of our tent and stopped? It sounded like two feet running, like a person running. I tried to explain it away as possibly a raccoon, etc. Even though the only animals we'd seen in there was one armadillo. And these footsteps were heavy, like a human or person running. 

Anyways, when he got towards the tent, he was yelling at me to hurry and open up the door of the tent. I had never seen him that spooked before. He said something was chasing him just then, and it was BIG. I asked him what he saw He said he didn't see anything, but it was dark, and he felt it behind him. (I seriously, for a minute, thought there was some crazed crackhead running loose in the woods or something. Especially, when the cops had just been there the month before looking for a suspect that ran in those woods after breaking into the nearby academy sports). 

After we both were in the tent freaking out, we hear a LOUD high pitch sound and its sounded like it's near the tent. Then, in an instant, it's echoing towards the hotel on the other side of the woods. It sounded as if it was flying away screeching? You could hear tree limbs cracking as it did. It was the strangest experience that's ever happened to me in the woods before. And I have lived in Oklahoma/Kansas most of my life. That sound was like a high screech whistling from low to high. I can't re-enact it just as I heard it. Something loud like thunder or a siren of some sorts. It wasn't like any bird I've heard either. I even remember looking at various birds and owls to see if there was some kind of bird that made that sound, to no avail. 

After this night, we hadn't really experienced anything else. We spent most our money on hotel stays, we were only staying in the tent as little as possible until we moved out of town for good." M

NOTE: I have checked throughout the internet and other databases for anomalous creatures in the Norman, Oklahoma area. There have been a number of massive bird sightings (possible Thunderbirds), Bigfoot, and crawler humanoids reported. I suppose you could take your pick. Lon

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