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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

'Mr. Stompy': Entity Follows Canadian Family House to House

An Ontario woman details several entity encounters that her family, especially her mother, experienced in the houses in which they lived. Did the mother carry an attachment?

I recently received the following account:

"I'm pretty sure something is following my mother. She had a really hard childhood and life. Every house we've lived in something has happened, I never really thought anything of it - I was scared of things that happened, but as I got older I realised that my sister (who is ten years older than I am) and I had few experiences when we weren't living with her.

In my sister's childhood home, they had a hallway that spanned the whole house. Every night her and my brother would hear footsteps walking around the hall. Not just your creaks in the night that could be explained away as a house settling, but heavy workman like footsteps. They ended up calling him 'Mr. Stompy.' He'd never come into the kid's rooms, he'd pause out the front of the door but then continue on his way. Anyone who stayed over in the house heard him. My uncle ended up refusing to stay over anymore after hearing it a few times and even then if he came over to hang out with my mum if they were up late they'd hear the stomping on the roof instead. When my nan stayed over and they heard it, my sister would call out to her and my nan would tell him to be quiet and he'd stop.

The only person that ever had Mr. Stompy come into their room was my mother. She heard him one night walk right up to her bed and paralysed by fear, she laid there with her back to him hoping he'd go away. He stood there for a while, then she felt a weight on the bed and breath in her hair. She jerked up but there was nothing there.

Actually that's not entirely true, my sister found my brother crawling out of their big linen cupboard one morning when she got up. She laughed and asked him what he was doing in there and he told her Mr. Stompy had come into his room and carried him there. However my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was in his teens so take that story how you will. I'm personally inclined to think it was a delusion, but my sister leans more towards belief because he apparently wasn't confused when he was younger.

Fast forward to a house I was living in during childhood and I had a couple of main experiences. Once I was cleaning up my room and I saw a pile of clothes I was folding hovering just off the dresser before they fell to the floor. Another time my cat had gotten pregnant and as she was giving birth I saw a dark shadow cross the window beside my room to the backdoor that was next to the bathroom. In the morning I learned the kittens hadn't survived.

The house in my teenage years (we moved a lot) I used to hear someone creeping through the house. It was a heritage home (we lived in Ontario) with floating floorboards so I didn't think anything of it at first. But when I realised the creaking would consistently stop at my door I got more alert as the security wasn't great there. I saw shadows under the door like when you can see someone on the other side before they come in. Again, nothing ever came into my room. But my mum saw depressions form on her bed several times and had someone touch her hair while we were staying there.

In my early 20s my mum moved in with my sister to get on top of some financial stuff. While living together my sister would see shadows crossing into her children's rooms. Thinking it was her husband or my mum she'd get up to check everything was okay. There was never anybody in the room and the children would be sound asleep. I saw one twice as well when I stayed there for a while over my university break. Again, you'd hear someone creeping through the hallway at night. This house was linoleum on concrete and having babies to look after it would draw your attention immediately. They'd walk down to your room then it was like you could hear them shifting their weight as they stood there.

A few times in that house my nephew, who was just talking at the time, would wake up screaming and crying. If you've had experience with kids, you know the cry I'm talking about. The one where you get out of bed running before the blanket's off you. My sister would find nothing in the room and try to settle him. He'd tell her in his broken English 'the man' or 'scared' or 'closet'. She had to show him the closet was empty before he'd start to settle.

My sister has had no experiences in her new house since she's not living with my mum and I've had a couple but nothing like what I did living with her and all pretty explainable." DG

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