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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Bizarre Real-Life 'Minecraft Enderman' Seen in Virginia Mountains

A Virginia couple hear strange noise outside of their house. When they investigate, a tall shadow-like entity is observed, and described to resemble the 'Minecraft Enderman' character.

I received the following account:

"About a year ago, my fiance's mother and stepfather were over at our place. It was about 11 PM and we heard something scratching very loudly on the side of the house from the outside. People had been messing around properties on our road, so my fiance and his stepdad went outside to check things out. They noticed movement and then a human figure. They both took off toward it, his stepdad being in front. Then, both of them quickly turned around to run back inside. They told us that the figure was shadow-like, tall, and slender with broad shoulders. They said that it moved in a weird way; it could remain in a "still" position but glide several feet in front of itself (just like the 'Minecraft Enderman').

A few nights ago, I was walking through the house and out of habit, at 1 AM or so, looked out of the window. I saw this very tall, dark figure that honestly looked like a black-colored Gumby or something. It took a couple of high steps behind my car, lifting its "knees" or whatever pretty high as it did. I didn't watch for long because it CREEPED ME OUT!

My fiance was talking about his encounter tonight and told me what caught their attention was that this thing first stepped very high, then did the gliding or "shifting" movements to transport itself. I hadn't heard him mention that before, and when I told him what I saw, I didn't mention the high-stepping either.

I've tried researching on what this could be, even taking an undiscovered species into consideration, especially since we're in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. However, I've found nothing - the closest thing I can find to what we both saw is literally the 'Minecraft Enderman.' The appearance, movement, everything is similar.

Can anyone make sense out of this?" SE

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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