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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Massive Bat-Winged Creature (Possible 'Ahool') Encountered in Orlando, Florida

An Orlando, Florida man is driving to work and encounters a 'truck-sized' flying bat near the Orange County Jail. Described as 10+ feet long with massive membrane wings with a gorilla-like face.

I recently received the following account:

"Early morning around 4:30 AM on Sunday, April 3, 2022. I was on my way to work at Tires Plus in Orlando, Florida. The route I drove every day was on a large mostly busy street called John Young Parkway. About halfway through my drive, I always drive underneath an overpass for I-4 and immediately after the overpass on my left hand side is the Orange County Corrections Department (the county jail.). John Young Parkway is normally a very busy street during the day, but since it was very early on a Sunday I barely saw anyone else on the road. 

Being a warm April morning I had my window rolled down and I was listening to an audio book. Just before a got to the I-4 overpass I started hearing a very loud flapping noise. It sounded like one of those enormous American flags that fly outside of big car dealerships. When I first heard it I thought it was maybe a truck with a flat tire driving on I-4. But as I got closer it kept getting louder and my car started shaking (I don't drive a small car either. I drive a mid-sized SUV). As soon as I began going under the overpass I see something in the corner of my eye to my left. When I turn to look out of my window I see a monster-sized bat flying next to me under the overpass for I-4 on a busy Orlando street. I realize that it is probably the most obscure place something like this could be in and it's a very unbelievable story, but that's the reason I've only been able to tell a handful of people.

The 'bat' was larger than a truck! It had light brown fur. The body looked at least 10 feet long and its wingspan could have been twice that. Its face didn't necessarily look like a regular bat face. It had the flat snub nose like a vampire bat, but  looked more like a gorilla or almost man-like except for the the two large fangs hanging from the top of its mouth. The fangs were only about 6 inches long and they curved out a little kind of like tusks. It was flying almost 20 feet away from me, but it never looked at me or acknowledged me. Each time it flapped its wings it made the loudest noise I've ever heard and shook my car violently. While it was next to me it looked like it was struggling to fly, like it was too heavy to keep itself airborne. When its wings were up I could see veins and cartilage through the membrane portion of its wings. Its legs were long and skinny covered with the same light brown fur as its body, and its feet had long toes with claws at the end (i don't know how many toes it had. I never thought to count.) It had a thin tail, about 4 feet long with a patch of darker black fur at the end, almost like a cows tail. 

After we got out from under the overpass it shot straight upward and started flying higher and higher until it was almost out of sight. It turned left and flew along I-4. At this point I had already rolled my window up and pulled to the side of the road. I started dialing 911 but I stopped myself and tried to think. I knew I wasn't tired or half asleep, I don't take any drug prescription or recreational, and I don't drink. I just didn't know what to tell the police or anybody. I knew nobody would believe or think I was drunk or intoxicated, and if the police did come I didn't know what they would or could do.

I was shaken the entire day. The first person I told was of course my fiance, although she was considerate about how I felt. I don't think she believes any of it or at least thinks I was seeing things. I had also told my younger brother the next day because he had always been a firm believer in cryptids and anything supernatural. He told me it sounded like I might have seen an 'Ahool.' I had never heard of an Ahool before, but after he told me about I looked online as to what it was and the description matched what I saw almost exactly.

I have never been a believer of Bigfoot, Mothman or anything of that nature. I had always thought that something that big living in the area would be discovered and documented easily. But after seeing a truck-sized bat flying under a busy interstate in the middle of Orlando, I believe any of it can be real. I'm doubtful that anyone will ever actually believe me on this story (I wouldn't believe me if anyone told me this story before April) but I had to at least try to tell someone. I don't want to sound dramatic, but that morning changed my life and changed how I see the world." DA

Artwork by NelsonSG

NOTE: I'm going to attempt to get an investigator at the location. Lon

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