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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Bear-Sized 'Cryptid Canine' Encountered in Northwest Arizona

An Arizona man is setting up his camera gear in order to capture shots of a blood moon. He began hearing odd noises, and then came face-to-face with an unknown bear-sized 'canine' creature.

I recently received the following account:

"So, the year was 2010, and there was going to be a 'blood moon.' I rounded up a bunch of equipment to get a good picture of it (I love the moon, my favorite times have all happened under its pale light). Borrowed an awesome camera that could be attached to a telescope, had my laptop and various other equipment, but also strapped on my .40cal pistol because there are mountain lions and coyotes in the area (northwest Arizona). Loaded all my gear into my Jeep and headed to an area a few miles away from town.

I get to the place where I'm going to setup, begin unloading and setting everything up and I hear some nearby sheep start freaking out. Didn't think much of it, and after a handful of minutes, they went quiet again. Just as I was unloading the scope I hear a very loud splash and for some reason this caught my attention. I stood up and looked towards the creek for a second, but I don't hear anything else. So I went back to setting up the scope. Now I hear some rustling, twigs snapping, that sort of thing and stand up and shine my flashlight around to see what I can see. I don't see anything and whatever it was went quiet when I shined the light around. I figured I'd scared it off and started screwing the scope onto the tripod, when I heard a very loud snap and whipped back around, while pulling my gun and shining my light towards a fallen tree I'd noticed earlier.

And there it was, roughly the size of a bear, but the head was more canid then ursid, and the body was more lean. We stood there starring at each other for what felt like forever. Then it growled and charged! I screamed and fired my gun repeatedly (after the fact I found I'd fired 8 shots). It bowled me over and I fully expected that my life was over, but instead of following through with the attack it just kept running and disappeared into the cornfield. Thoroughly spooked I tossed the most expensive bits I'd unpacked back into the Jeep and left immediately, only going back once the sun was fully up to finish recollecting my gear. When I got there I found a Game Warden, a couple Sheriff's Deputies, and the farmer that owned the field/pasture.

Apparently, whatever it was, had killed a couple of sheep, and they were trying to figure out what it was and where it went. The tracks were both canid but also not canid, they were strangely "longer" then a standard dog print. What was it? Well I'm still not sure and sometimes it still keeps me up at night. Some have suggested it was a "Dogman," but I'm not sure I believe in such things." BJ

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