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Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Frightening UFO/UAP Activity Experienced Near Mount Shishaldin, Alaska (PHOTOS)

A commercial pilot, flying over Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, twice observed UFO/UAP activity at Mount Shishaldin. At one point, his plane is 'controlled' by unknown forces.

Theo Chesley worked as a commercial pilot for 34 years. He owned his own company that would fly people, animals, groceries, etc. anywhere in Alaska.

In October 2019, he was flying over Dutch Harbour in the Aleutian Islands with three passengers. While they neared Mount Shishaldin, the pilot noticed a disk-shaped object in the sky. He managed to photograph it.

In the first photo, there is a disk. In the second, a smoke ring, 20 feet in diameter. Had it been a smoke ring, at 85,000 feet, it would have disintegrated, so he had no idea what it was. Then something flew out of the mountain, a small shape surrounded by smoke. In the next photo, there is a green orb on the side of the mountain. Then the smoke ring seems to change shape, as if something flew into the smoke ring and was dragging it into a tear drop shape. It was as big as a fighter jet and Chesley felt it would be a good time to leave.

Six months later, in April 2020, he was again flying near Mount Shishaldin. He looked to his left and observed a shape obscured in clouds, as if it was a craft hiding in the clouds. It was in the same spot as the smoke ring from six months earlier. It then morphed into an almost humanoid form. Theo sensed the object in the cloud knew it had been spotted. It was around this time, that Theo noticed his plane was 30 degrees off course, heading straight for the mountain. Usually on autopilot, the plane holds its heading, but not this time. Theo changed the heading to put it back on course but it did it again. It was then a frightened Chesley decided to switch off the autopilot and fly it himself.

Once past the mountain, it was fine. Theo sensed that there was some kind of magnetic pull that was drawing him in and had he not been paying attention, he would have perished.

Transcribed source: Aliens in Alaska Season 1, Episode 2, “Alien Flight Plan”

NOTE: Mount Shishaldin is a moderately active volcano. This is not an unknown phenomenon, where UFOs/UAPs are seen in the vicinity and entering/exiting volcanos. Lon

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