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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Long-Haired 'Deer Man' Observed in Pendleton, Oregon Field

A young man, living in Pendleton, Oregon, observes a bizarre deer in the field across from his friend's house. It has the upper body of a man, with long black hair and wearing a black leather jacket.

I received the following account from Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

"This incident takes place in the summer of 2001. I had just graduated from Pendleton High School, in Pendleton, Oregon. It’s evening time at my friend Eddie’s house. His parents are out of town, so we were unwinding a bit. Eddie’s house was in the Rice Division of Pendleton, OR, adjacent to a large field. It’s not uncommon to see wildlife, especially deer.

I step onto Eddie’s front porch to have a cigarette. I’m standing on the porch and look across the street towards an empty lot full of weeds and see a deer. At first it appears to be like any other deer I’ve seen, four legs and a bushy white tail. As I look up towards the torso I notice its very different. The top half of this deer was man. You could see his chest, arms and head. He had long black hair, and was wearing what looked like a black leather jacket. I stared at this creature for a long time, it never notices me on the porch. Drag after drag of my cigarette I stare at it, not blinking, what’s probably only a couple minutes feels like a lifetime. The creature never moves, it’s just staring off into the distance. I turn around and open Eddie’s front door and yell inside “Hey Eddie. Come check this out.” Eddie says, “Coming.” I turn back towards the creature and its gone. Eddie steps outside and says, “What’s up?” I just say, “Never mind,” and we both go inside. Eddie asked me what I saw, I say, “I thought I saw something, but I guess not.” I never did tell Eddie what I saw.

A few days later I’m at work, I work in the produce department at a local grocery store. I step outside to have a cigarette, and one of our regular customers, a Native American man, is outside drinking a can of beer. I stop to talk to him. I tell him what I saw a few nights before and he says to me, “That’s a spirit, a shapeshifter, skin walker, the wendigo.”  I was like, “Oh, wow. Ok, thanks.” Then he says to me, “Stay away from it if you ever see it again.”

I told a few people the story over the years, mostly just laughs and accusations of being stoned. Before this incident, I’d never heard of or seen anything like it. It’s been 21 years since it happened, but feels like yesterday in my mind." MT

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