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Friday, May 06, 2022

'Glimmerman' Encounters: Phenomenon Varieties

Four separate accounts of possible 'Glimmerman' encounters. The phenomenon is not strictly limited to the pixelated effect seen in the 'Predator' films. There have been many varieties reported.

There following account were recently reported:

"Back in the early 2000's while turkey hunting, I encountered one of these 'Glimmerman' beings in the woods in Iowa.  Being a hunter and spending a lot of times in the woods you have heard every sound coming from the woods before.

When you turkey hunt you are completely camouflaged and sit down in the woods for hours usually against a tree or another backdrop. After hours sitting in the woods listening to every sound of the animals, trees, and leaves crunch beneath squirrel's feet. The entire woods went quiet, when this happens in the woods as a hunter you know that a larger predator has moved into the area.

After a few minutes of complete silence off to my right I heard a clicking sound, it kept repeating and sounded almost mechanical in nature. The woods remained completely silent except for the periodic clicking sound. I could not pinpoint the source of the sound and after probably 20 minutes I started to get that uneasy feeling and got up from the ground and started to head back to my truck. I sat in my truck for a few minutes and tried to think about what just occurred. Although I did not see what was making the clicking sound or what moved in to make the woods quiet, I believe it could have been one of the beings watching me but did not engage due to the shotgun I was holding in my lap." JF


"I have seen one of the 'Glimmer Man/Predator Invisible' things! A sense of pure dread came over me right before I seen it. It was hiding in the tree line just watching me walk back from checking the mailbox. I ran like I was crazy back to my house. We had a long driveway and our mailbox was at the end of the road. It happened in 1984 and I was 13 years old in North Carolina. I'm not crazy. These things are real. I don't go in the woods anymore." BC


"I'm from Australia, I'm 50 now, but when I was young my mum went to hospital with bad asthma. I was in mum's room jumping on the bed, dad went outside to get wood for the fire. I was looking through the crack in the door between hinges to the kitchen, the kitchen light lit up the bedroom just enough I could see, when a black silhouette caught my eye. It was standing behind the door next to the bed I was jumping on looking at me. It was a black glimmering mirage. I keep looking at the crack where the light showed through. My guts were in my throat, fear had frozen me. Them I heard dad's boots on the back step coming up the veranda and the thing was just gone. It was as tall as the bedroom door. I was awake. I remember pretending I didn't see it and didn't look at it." BB


"I think my account deserves a little back story. I was stationed at Edwards AFB in 2018. Also in the southwest U.S. I was awaiting retraining for a new AFSC and I was technically "jobless." I didn't have to report to duty and I only had to show up and show my face at the squadron at 8 am and go home for accountability.

I got into this really weird cycle of sleeping in two 4-hour sessions per day. I would sleep from 11pm-3pm and 8pm-12am. When I would wake up at 12 am I would walk over to the base gym from my dorm and have a heavy work out session and then walk back to my dorm through a little patch of desert with trails going in a ton of directions to the dorm buildings.

One particular morning, as I was leaving the gym at about 1 or 2 am, I got through the desert patch and into the street facing my dorm building, I saw a glimmer to the left of me about 100 yards away. It looked like the a light from the auto hobby shop shimmered, but I tried focusing on it as I stopped in the street. Then I saw this humongous translucent creature running under the street light, cross the road and into the empty abyss of the desert behind the gym. I don't think I've ever ran in fear like that in my life.

The next day I tried recreating the situation after talking my roommates ears off about it. We went to the location and I stood where I was and my buddy recreated the creature. He is super quick and runs a 9-minute mile and a half. He was running as fast as he could across the road at the same speed the creature was moving at. He was winded when he ran the distance but he moved at the same speed this thing did. I've never heard of the glimmerman until looking stuff up that night on the internet about it." C

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