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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

'Bipedal Wolf Pack' Stalked Family in Palmyra, Maine

In an episode of 'Paranormal Witness' a family was being stalked by creatures resembling bipedal wolves. The investigation was originally conducted by Linda Godfrey, and she was a part of the presentation. I have posted the pre-show description followed by an interview with Shelley Rockwell-Martin:

Paranormal Witness

Season 3 – Episode 9: The Wolf Pack

Subject Names: Shelley Rockwell-Martin, Eric Martin, Chelsea Harth, Nathan Harth

Subject Location: Palmyra, Maine

Paranormal Experience: Strange, bipedal creatures stalk a Maine family

The Martin family had downsized their lives. A workplace injury had devastated Eric, and Shelley had left her job to take care of her husband. As a result, they were looking for a less-expensive place to live. Shelley had found a beautiful, older farm in Palmyra that was just what they needed. It was surrounded by dense woods. Eric’s family had always been hunters, and his “fairly extensive” collection of guns was a bone of contention with Shelley. With the help of Eric’s son, Sean, Eric built a strongbox to hold the guns under lock and key in the barn.

Eric and Shelley had a routine of evening coffee on the sheltered porch, provided it wasn’t too cold out. One night, they noticed strange, pulsating lights down past the tree line. At first, Sean thought it was just a poacher with a flashlight, but something didn’t seem right. Shelley thought it was unnatural. Eric and Sean headed out into the field to investigate. As they approached the woods, the lights went out. It was so quiet, the snap of a tree branch under foot echoed. Eric sent Sean around with his flashlight off, hoping to catch any potential poacher unaware. Eric felt something far beyond any fear he’d ever felt hunting. All Eric and Sean found was each other, not even a track on the ground to give them a hint of what they’d seen.

Chelsea’s boyfriend Nathan came for a visit, and they decided to go for a walk in the woods with the dogs. The dogs ran out ahead of them, catching a scent. When Chelsea and Nathan caught up, the dogs were rooting around by a large hole in the ground. Nathan thought the overly round hole had been dug with care. Chelsea had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and urged him to leave. Finally, he agreed. What had the dogs found?

It was Memorial Day weekend, and Shelley was making the evening coffee. The dogs didn’t want to go outside to their pen. Something wasn’t right. Eric noticed that it was particularly quiet on that misty evening. When Eric heard an odd sound in the distance, he knew there was some sort of danger out there. Eric began to usher Shelley into the house. She protested, but when she heard some rustling in the distance, accompanied by five sets of eyes looking back at them, she realized the danger. They rushed into the house and locked the door.

Eric knew it wasn’t a bear, but it was huge, and dangerous. The guns were in the barn, and Eric wasn’t sure his family was safe in the house. Eric wanted to get the guns, but Shelley told him to stay. She went up to Chelsea’s room and woke her daughter. Chelsea was half-awake when she looked out the window, but laid back down and went back to sleep. All five of the creatures were still there. One stood on its hind legs and looked right at Shelley.

Eric felt an instinct to protect his family. With the creatures in the distance, he thought that he might be able to get the family car backed up close enough to get them out. Even with his disability, Eric went outside. Shelley went through the house, closing the windows. She finally found the two hunting dogs hiding in a shadowed corner. If the dogs were scared? Shelley was concerned.

When Eric reached the porch, he realized that he might have the distance to get there. It was going to be the longest twenty feet of his life. He started to slowly walk toward the car. When he finally reached it, grabbing the keys and trying to unlock the door, the motion sensor lights popped on. Eric was frightened, and very vulnerable. Suddenly, he was face-to-face with one of the creatures. It tried to reach into the light, but something stopped it. It bolted off into the darkness. Eric made for the house as quickly as he could.

They decided to call the police, hoping for someone else to drive in while they remain sheltered. The police didn’t take them seriously, telling Shelley to close the windows and lock the doors. Nobody was coming. They were on their own.

Shelley set up a view from Chelsea’s window. She could see the whole farm from there. Eric was downstairs, frustrated and upset. Then it occurred to him that the creatures were either afraid of or hurt by the light. That had to be why they didn’t attack him. He made the decision to use that light to get out to the barn and fetch a gun. He went out and flailed his arms in a desperate attempt to trigger the motion sensor. When the light came on, Eric realized that the eyes were staring back at him, surrounding him. Eric was being hunted. He had to get back into the house. He got back as quickly as he could, barely making it before the light went out.

Shelley heard them approach. They were on the other side of the outside wall, and if they wanted in, they were going to get in. Her family was being held hostage in their own house by these creatures. They weren’t able to get the guns. There weren’t any police coming. What were they going to do? Grabbing every sharp implement they could find, Shelley went and woke Chelsea. They needed all hands awake and alert. They all went into the master bedroom and laid on top of the bed, armed, waiting on daylight to come. When they heard the creatures outside, they were petrified. The only thing between the Martins and the creatures was the bedroom window.

When morning came, they could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The creatures were gone. Eric called Sean, who came over and helped look for tracks. The tracks they did find were huge, with enormous claws. They showed a creature who could walk on two feet. These creatures had been hunting, stalking. Were they werewolves? To this day, nobody knows.


Interview with the Witness:

Do you have any theories on what could have caused the strange white lights in the forest? Did they ever happen again?
We did have several theories. We tried to figure it out. It didn't happen after that episode. It started three weeks before the episode, and we thought anything from like a hunting light; like, a lot of hunters when they are getting ready for the season – deer season, moose season, whatever season, bear – they put cameras (wildlife cameras) up to see if there's a pathway for the wildlife.

We found out it wasn't that. We didn't know. We thought maybe it had something to do with a UFO. I've never seen a UFO, but that was something we considered. We even considered maybe someone was up in the tree doing it on purpose, and it was a joke. Found out it wasn't that either. So, yeah we had a few theories, but we never landed on any one thing, and it didn't happen after these beasts appeared.

What was going through your mind when you first saw the sets of eyes staring back at you in the yard? Were you able to see the animals' bodies at all?
When we were sitting there, of course it was around ten at night, and to this day, I don't know how Eric, my husband, could have felt something. It was like a sixth sense. He said, "You need to get up and go in the house."

When I shined the floodlight (I had this huge floodlight that you could see forever with it – hundreds of feet), but these were only about twenty feet from us. There were three that were crawling towards us, so I didn't see the five all at once. I saw the three and when I put the light on them, that's what the shock was. Even four seconds can feel like four hours – you're just mesmerized. And they got up. They went sideways and they stayed all together. And all I could think of – the leg, the thigh going down to the leg – the thigh reminded me of a kangaroo, and the foot, what was odd about it, it had a very long arch and a heel like a human. And then it walked on – they didn't really look like toes as much as they looked like canine paws. With very long nails sticking out of it. And the reason I saw the nails is when they lifted their foot up, the dew was in the grass and you could see it shining.

The color of their fur was a light brown and a very, very, very dark brown, and it was smooth on their body. And on their back, they had a hunchback. [The fur] was very smooth on their legs, but around their heads, it was wild. It was sticking up and tufty. I don't think it was matty-looking as much as just unkempt.

Their ears were on the side of their heads and went straight up past the top of their heads about three inches above. It looked similar to how someone looks when they cover their ears with their hands when they don't want to listen to someone or want to block out a loud noise.

Their eyes were huge, and they were a greenish-yellow fluorescent - bright. And the bridge of their nose was about seven inches. They were about seven feet tall. We measured from where he was standing by that ten-foot door.

How long were you living in the house before this incident? 
We had been there about, I'm going to say maybe a year and a half. A year maybe. I think we had gone through one season and we were coming around to that season again.

Can you describe the any sights and sounds you heard throughout the rest of the night when you were barricaded in the room together?
Rustling. Rustling on the grass, and we knew they were really there in the morning because the dew by our bedroom window – the dew was disturbed. And also, when they were running you could feel it. They were so big and heavy. You could actually feel the rumble of the ground. Even on the porch, you could feel it on your feet. And then when we went in the bedroom, and we really didn't go to bed per se… there was no way we were going to bed. The way the bed was set up, it's a king sized bed and there was a window on my side and a window on Eric's side, and all we could think about was these guys can just touch the glass and grab us. The only thing between them and us was that thin, tiny glass in the wall of the bedroom.

You could hear them moving around. I don't know if they were talking to each other, or what was going on. They were making these demonic noises and it was like almost a growl, but it was a communication noise.

You could hear when they were moving around because the bedroom was on the end of the house, and so they had three walls that they could walk around. So their voices, of course, would carry differently. And they didn't bump up against the house. They didn't hit the house. Nothing like that. They just hung out.

Did the creatures disappear as soon as light broke?
Yes. We were up and out of there as soon as we had daylight, and there were footprints like in the mist, in the dew. The grass, like the cat o'nine tails and the long, slow grass that's around the farm pond… the grass that sticks up out of [the farm pond] was all laid down.

Was there any evidence that you were able to collect or did it all fade when the grass started to grow back and the dew disappeared?
We tried to take a flash picture of them by the farm pond, and it did not work. And then, in the morning I took my cell phone, and I was able to get the prints in the dirt. I got a new phone for Mother's Day from my daughter that next time, and she took my thing – my little thing that goes in the phone [SIM card] – and she took all of it and gave me a new phone for a family plan as a gift, and I lost everything.

Are you still in the home?
No, we started looking for a place immediately, and we were in the process of looking for something to buy anyway. This just worked out really, really well. Since then, we purchased the home that I grew up in as a child, but it took a while to get where we are. But, yeah, things are very good. We were looking to leave, and that was just the icing on the cake.

Have you had any other paranormal or unexplainable incidents on the property?
Eric would talk about this little girl and had mentioned her quite a few times actually. Of course he wouldn't tell anybody at first, and he said, "Shelley, she's got to be about, I don't know, maybe twelve, thirteen, ten…. She's in the loft a lot." And he said, "I swear I heard something on the stairs. I looked. It doesn't look like she really knows I'm there. She's got braids, and she's unkempt. She has those boots on that lace up, - the leather ones. And an old outfit on. But she looks mean. She doesn't look happy." And she never really has eye contact with him or anything.

Well, he'd mention her being outside, being in the house, and it wasn't a big deal to either one of us. If that's all that's going to happen, that's great. We'll take it.

Did the little girl ever do anything other than just show up?
There was one night- and the dogs always slept in our room- so they were at the end of our bed on their thick beds, their own beds were on the floor. And I've trained myself to sleep on my back because I get backaches. I'll never forget this, I had my feet just down and my hands across my chest, and it was something or someone – slapped the top of my right foot. Like they just walked up to the side of the bed and slapped my foot. And I bolted. I just sat right up in bed, and I turned the nightlight on, and I looked at the bottom of the bed. I scooted because it's a king-sized – and I scooted and looked, and the two dogs were on the opposite side of the bed hiding where you couldn't see them, between the wall and the bed on Eric's side. But I don't know what it was. I don't know. Was I half asleep? Did I dream it? You always debunk yourself.

Many questions run through Shelley's mind about The Wolf Pack incident.
You wonder things. Are they still around? Is there a mental telepathy thing that goes on? Do they follow you? How many people have seen these things? What are they? We went through every scenario. Are they people dressed in suits with these funky glasses they can put on? But there's no way they could be seven feet tall. Is it some joke with a hologram? Well, I'm not that important for anyone to give a darn whether or not this happens to me. You know, I don't have anything stand out about myself in the community that way. We tried to go through everything in our minds over the years. We can't come up with anything.

Shelley details how this incident changed her life, forever.
This whole ordeal changed my life in many, many ways. First, it has made me realize that there are "things" out there we simply don't know about and don't consider. I do not believe these "beasts" were completely "of this world," and it still haunts me regarding what they wanted from us all. If they had wanted to rip us into tiny little shreds, they easily could have. What did they want? Were they trying to show or tell us something? Did they want my daughter, or me?! They also had obviously been around and about the farm before the actual encounter. They didn't hurt the two dogs.

Since the incident, the visit from the beasts, if I am staying in a camp or cottage, I always let someone know exactly where I am going, when I am leaving, when I am returning and how to reach me. I also let someone know who I am with, so they will know how many of us are there. Trust me, it wouldn't seem so obsessive or paranoid if you had gone through what we all went through.

The whole incident never completely goes away in my mind, and although life goes on with exciting new adventures, I definitely increased caution and safety factors into my daily living. I have a great respect for the unknown, and unlike some who "think" having an encounter similar to ours would be exciting and fantastic, I caution those people to please be careful what you wish for... a very humbling experience, indeed. Also, I no longer judge another person's alleged experiences or make a determination of whether or not they are embellishing their story of these incidents, just because it seems unheard of or out of the ordinary - as in, "Paranormal".

NOTE: It was a very dramatic and entertaining episode, but I was left with a lot of questions. Was the story embellished to represent a 'werewolf-like' encounter? Were these supernatural or non-terrestrial beings? Regardless, it was one of the more detailed cryptid canine incidents ever presented. Lon

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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