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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Hideous 'Deer Skulled' Entity Attached / Stalks Young Man For Years

Emilio Sanchez encounters a humanoid with a skulled goat head with deer antlers. Years later, he realizes the same entity is following him, and messing with a friend. Attachment?

Around 2011, when Emilio Sanchez was 11 years old, he recalled a scary incident that happened while staying at his parent's cottage in Red River, New Mexico:

“My name is Emilio Sanchez. I'm from Denver, Colorado. It's a beautiful mountainous state. I try to be outside as much as humanly possible. Very few people are just kind of stay-at-home bodies in Colorado. My family's cabin is in Red River, New Mexico. From Denver, it's about a 7-hour drive. 

It's well-hidden inside the woods. It's pretty secluded. When I was 11 (2011), I would hike up there. It was dense forest. And as I got further in, all you heard was birds and, you know, the wind blowing.  It's beautiful. But that's when this whole thing started to get bad. I've never really told anyone about any of this.

My mother and my stepfather, we were just taking a few days for a family get-together.  It was probably about 6:30, 7:00 in the morning. We were just in the cabin, kind of in the woods, playing a card game. My parents went down to the lake, getting fish for breakfast because I was supposed to actually go fishing with them, but I didn't want to. 

I heard in the distance, it sounded like someone was walking on the driveway. I thought it was my mom coming back to make breakfast. There was, like, a fog, you know, like a low mist hovering over the ground a little bit, but I couldn't see anyone. But then I saw this thing, and it was standing off in the distance. It was maybe about 50 yards or so. It was just standing there, and the best I can describe it, it was kind of a guy who had deer legs and a face. 

It looked like someone wearing a hollowed-out deer skull. I couldn't see his eyes, but then it turned its head to me. Where the eyes, like, should be, you just see black holes. We looked at each other, and that's when I knew it was something else. I kind of got scared, so I hid below the windowsill. I could hear one footstep hit the gravel driveway, and then from there, I hear three. And the next thing I know, it's at the cabin. The distance from the porch of the cabin to the end of the driveway is about 50 feet. I don't know if it jumped or it flew or what, but it covered that ground in three steps, and it was on the porch. It started to walk up the stairs. It was about 3 feet from the door at that point. I was confused and really scared.

“Let me in!” I remember hearing my mom's voice. “Don't leave me out here!” I thought maybe what I saw was in my mind, and my mom was on the porch. I wasn't sure if should look out the window to see if my mom was there or just stay hiding. “Open the door!” If it was my mom, she would keep asking me, or she would put down whatever she was carrying and open the door herself, and none of that happened. “I won't ask you again! Let me in!” It was still asking to come in, in my mom's voice. But every time that it was refused entry, it kind of got deeper. “Open the door! Answer me!” It sounded like someone recorded my mom's voice and played it backwards. “Open the door!”

It happened within the blink of an eye, from trying to casually open the door to it kind of kicking and punching at the door. I didn't open the door because there was no way that that was my mom. “Let me in!” It was the creature with the deer head. “Answer me! Open the door!” It seemed like it was trying to break down the door. The main feeling was just fear of what's going to happen if it gets in? It just stopped hitting the door. It stopped asking to come in. I heard loud footsteps leaving the porch, and when I looked back up, it was gone.

When my parents got back to the cabin, they said they didn't see anything. They didn't hear anything while they were down at the lake. They didn't hear anything walking up. "While we were fishing?" They said, you know, it could have just been an animal who was eating a deer. I asked my parents, you know, if there was anything in the world that was like that? They said, “No.” I didn't think that I would ever see it again.

For years, I questioned what I saw a lot. It would come up, you know, every now and then when we're sitting around campfires or hanging out with friends, but it wasn't always on my mind until the second time that I saw it.”

Six years later, around 2017, Emilio had an experience while hiking in Montana: “It was a late May day, and it was crisp air. It was in the morning. It was beautiful. Cleanest air you can breathe in. It was about a 37-mile hike on the top of the Madison Range, so it was around 12,000 feet. There is not much wildlife up there, and my plan was just to hike from peak to peak. It was just me. There is not a lot of people that know about that trail. I was just hiking along the trail, just enjoying the scenery. I could hear birds singing in the distance. I can hear the wind, bugs, crickets. Then it got quiet. There wasn't any birds singing. There wasn't any bugs. There was nothing. I started feeling really anxious. It seemed like someone was watching me. I saw someone standing off to the side. I thought, maybe some crazy up in the woods of Montana playing jokes on people. I've seen deer, elk, moose, all that, and it wasn't anything like that. I saw what looked to the be the creature again.

All I could see was its upper body, the old deer head. It looked exactly the same.  It was just standing there watching me. I was startled. It kind of put everything in concrete for me that what I saw the first time when I was 11. It was real. I just stared at it, and after a certain time, I did look away, and when I went to go look back, it wasn't there. After it disappeared, I waited to see if it was going to reappear somewhere else. There was nothing, so after about 10 minutes, I just kept on going. I was afraid that it was kind of stalking me, in a way. On the hike, I would just leave my car at the trailhead. It was miles away, and I ended up spending the night because I didn't want to drive that late. After the creature disappeared, I was more afraid that it was going to reappear closer, that it was stalking me all night.

That night, it was the first time that I ever had a nightmare about the creature. The dream ended that it was on top of me and killed me. Before that night, I never really had bad dreams. I remember waking up that morning, and I was afraid to kind of be alone. That low sense that I get when I feel like it's around me. Since then, I think that it's attached itself to me in some way. It's kind of always been lingering or looming around me, and I can always kind of feel it. It was about a couple months later. I met Kelcee, and that's when the spirit started getting a little bit more violent.”

Kelcee described what happened after she and Emilio began to spend more time with each other:

“My name is Kelcee Coverd. I met Emilio through a friend of a friend, and we got along really well, so we started hanging out. One night, he asked me, he was like, "Did I ever tell you the story about, like, my thing?" I was like, "No." He was like, "Yeah, I've got this thing that follows me around," And I was like, "Yeah, okay. I'm sure you do. I bet you have whatever."

Emilio and I, we're just really good friends. He would just crash at my place because he kind of lives a little bit further away. Just kind of made it easier on him to be there every now and again, and I had no problem with it. That night, Emilio fell asleep. Like, it was, like, a very heavy sleep. Like, he was out of it. I couldn't sleep, and I kind of felt something, like some pressure on the bed, like as if something, like a cat or something had jumped on the bed. I automatically think that's weird. I don't have a cat or anything like that, so I think, maybe Emilio moved, and it, like, startled me or something like that, I don't know, and so I fell back asleep.

A little while later, I started to feel something, like, touching my leg. Once again, first instinct, "Emilio, why are you touching me? What are you doing?" So I kind of wake up, and he's dead asleep next to me. I, like, feel, like, this sensation, and it's, like, harder and harder and harder. I'm, like, freaking out for a second. It started to feel like something was, like, scratching my leg. So I sit up, and it stops. I try to wake Emilio up. I go to, like, shake him. Emilio didn't wake up at all. I'm really scared at this point. Like, it was so vivid that I don't know how I could have been imagining a feeling like that. It definitely wasn't a peaceful rest of the night, for sure. I was so scared that something else was going to happen that night. I didn't wake up the next morning feeling like I had actually slept last night. Immediately, I just think, "Don't even bother mentioning it. You probably dreamt it." So I brush it off. I pull the cover off. Obviously, something happened to me last night to cause this.”

Emilio described the marks: “There were scratch marks on her leg, they looked like a human was trying to...basically, like, scratching themselves way too hard, and was kind of becoming concerned for Kelcee. I don't know what to do, and it just, like, really kind of freaked me out.”

Kelcee spoke to Emilio about the incident. “I told him that morning, I was like, "I had this crazy dream last night," and he looked kind of concerned when I told him that. The whole time I'm telling him he just looks, like, grave.

Emilio began to connect the dots. “I kind of was making the connection that maybe my thing that's been following me all these years is upset that I'm around someone. When things do get bad, I don't want people to get hurt.”

More things happened. “That night, we're watching a movie, and he falls asleep, and he kind of starts kicking a little bit, kind of, like, rolling around a lot. he starts kind of, like, mumbling, and I thought, that's really weird. He's never talked in his sleep before. I'm getting ready to wake him up, and he just starts convulsing. What's happening? His eyes are rolled back. The whole bed was shaking. It was absolutely terrifying. And then all of a sudden, it just stops. His body, like, goes limp.”

Emilio describes the out of body experience he had. “I remember waking up standing over Kelcee. It felt like I was not in my body. It felt like someone else kind of had the reins, so to speak. I couldn't, like, move. I couldn't do anything, but I could see what was going on.”

Kelcee described what happened next. “Suddenly, I just get this really heavy feeling of, like, really bad anxiety. In the corner of the room, across the room, there's just this shadowy figure. It reaches almost all the way up to the ceiling. I think I'm imagining things. I, like, blink, shake my head, look over. It's still there, and it's just looking directly at me. I'm panicking. What is that? How is this thing here? I've got to be dreaming. And I kind of scoot back, try to wake Emilio up, so I turn. I go to, like, shake him, and I turn back, and it's gone. I'm looking all over, thinking is it somewhere else? Did it move? Is it closer? What's happening? And there's just nothing. I definitely have no doubts about anything being there anymore. I was like, "I swear to god I saw that thing." He tells me, he's like, "something crazy happened. I saw through its eyes.” I was like, "what are you talking about?"  and he was like, "I think I got possessed." 

Emilio spoke of it. “Whatever this is, it's gotten more and more dangerous. When there's people like Kelcee who always want to make sure that I'm okay, it goes after them. I don't want Kelcee to have to deal with that, so I kind of cut myself out of the equation. If you're not around me, it's not going to affect you.”

“It was just a really crazy, crazy, crazy experience. Emilio is like, "Maybe the best thing I should do right now is just to kind of try and, like, isolate myself. Be, like, alone for a little bit. Maybe it will, like, cool down." ever since then, everything has been fine. It kind of, like, went away. It definitely didn't really change our relationship, Emilio and I. We're just really close, really good friends.”

Emilio described wanting to return to the place it started, the cabin. “There's times that I feel like I'm crazy. I have been getting urges to return to Red River. I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. There's definitely things out there that we don't know about, whether it be creatures in the woods or ghosts or demons. The thing that's been following me all these years, it's gotten more and more dangerous. I was afraid that it was trying to kill me, but I just want to know what it wants. I want to know what the endgame is.”

Emilio is still dealing with the attachment."

Transcribed source: Terror in the Woods, Season 2, Episode 2, “Was It Trying to Kill Me?”

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