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Saturday, May 07, 2022

5-Foot-Tall 'Red-Haired, White-Skinned Humanoids' Shock Campers in Northern Finland

A group of American friends take a trip to northern Finland in order to camp in the wilderness. They eventually come face-to-face with two bizarre humanoids stealing food at the campsite.

I received the following account from Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

"For my 20th birthday, me and four friends took a vacation to northern Finland. We were going camping for over 2 weeks in an extremely remote area. You see, I've always loved nature and animals. We weren't hunting as I can't bring myself to kill a mammal or a bird. We did go fishing a few times. Up until this experience, about 11 days in, I really enjoyed the trip. But I will never go back again.

One night, we were cooking some fish over the fire and one of my friends pointed out that we had used all the loose wood lying around the area. We decided to all go together to gather more. We grabbed our flashlights and started to head off. One friend pointed out that animals might steal our food while we are away, but we shot him down saying something to the effect of "the fish are roasting over the fire, no animal will risk getting near the fire, and if they do, they'll get burned and run away".

Oh, how wrong we were. But, since I'm not sure what it was that showed up, we can't be blamed for our assumptions. Now, I never assume anything. A lesson I will never forget.

In the middle of our forage for firewood, we suddenly heard a loud animalistic noise. None of us recognized it. It sounded almost like a pig squeal, but cleaner, louder, and perfectly clear, not raspy at all. Almost as if it were an extremely high-pitched wolf-howl. The trouble was, it was distinctly coming from the direction of our campsite. We quickly dropped all the wood and charged back to camp.

I don't know what I expected it to be, but nothing prepared me for what we found. What we saw was strange, but in the dim glow of the fire, it was immensely disturbing. Hunched over our fire was a large, hairy creature. It held a half-eaten fish in one hand, and several untouched ones in the other. But it saw us, and was staring us down like a deer caught in a car's headlight.

I distinctly remember the creature. It stood approximately 5-foot-tall. It was definitely shorter than us. But at the same time, it was much larger. It had a thick barrel-body. Short but extremely thick and muscular arms and legs. Pronounced joints at the knee and elbow. It looked to be twice as wide as us despite being shorter. But not fat, just extremely muscular.

It appeared to have human-like hands and feet. But it was covered in dark-red fur on its entire body except for its fingers, toes, and face. I noticed this because the contrast was massive. It's skin was pale white. As white as paper. No hint of yellow, pink or brown pigment. Like an albino.

It had huge, perfectly round eyes. Larger than any human I have ever seen. A ridge atop the eyes and a huge jaw. It's face had odd features to it...it lacked any discernable cheeks, just a flat wall of skin. It had a large flaring nose. It protruded like a human nose, but was angled back slightly, exposing its nostrils to us. Its eyes were highly dilated, but still with discernable whites.

It was freaking terrifying. It looked like it could effortlessly tear all four of us apart. And perhaps adding to the fear, it clearly ate meat.

After staring at us for what felt like a few hours, it went from its hunched, squatting position to a fully upright position in an instant, and backed a few feet away, still staring at us. It moved pretty much how a human would and it stood fully upright.

You could feel the aggression in its gaze. But its movements suggested it was acting defensively, which alleviated our fear somewhat. Every few minutes, it would briefly dart its eyes to its side, towards a particular spot.

We tried to look as big as possible, but tried to stay still at the same time. We thought to point our flashlight at it, though I feared it would provoke it. We did it anyway and it lurched back a little and clearly made a startled facial expression. Then it quickly reverted to staring at us intently.

To our shock and horror, it quickly darted its hands to its side, and grabbed one of our fishing poles. It aimed it at us like a spear and walked forward a few steps. This thing was terrifying enough without a weapon. I don't know if anyone else spotted this, but when it moved its arm to the side to grab the rod, I saw its shoulder-blade. And it was much larger than a humans, which made it even more terrifying.

After it picked up the fishing rod, it repeatedly made a noise, somewhat similar the high-pitched howl we heard before but with an odd inflexion. It transitioned from high-pitched to slightly deeper. It sounded like a child mimicking a fire-truck almost. It may sound cute in hindsight, but coupled with the angry facial expression it made, it added to my fear.

I (perhaps stupidly) decided to lunge forward at it to spook it into leaving. It lunged forward approximately the same distance I did, and trust the fishing pole toward me. We must have been less than 8 feet apart.

Its stare was now intently focused on me. It made another noise at me, but it was completely different from its other noises. It growled at me...in a deeper tone. It almost sounded like a somewhat louder version of an adult human mimicking a wolf growl. But it snarled its teeth at me, and raised its upper lip higher on one side than the other, creating an extremely angry-looking facial expression which made me feel as though I was about to be torn limb from limb.

It took another step forward, continuing to lunge the fishing rod at me. And not changing its facial expression even slightly. I gave into my fear a quickly took several steps back to my friends.

The creature took a step back and changed to its previous facial expression. But as it did this, it was also taking several steps to the side.

Time seemed to slow down. It very slowly circled us...though only completing half a circle. It ended up almost exactly opposite of where it was standing before, relative to the campfire.

We whispered to each other plans, but none seemed safe. We were very scared and clueless as to what to do about this creature.

But then, suddenly, it dropped the fishing pole, and rapidly ran off into the woods. However, to our horror, out of the bushes next to where it exited our campsite, another, almost identical creature ran out, following close behind the first one.

As they ran, I noticed that they ran just like humans. The way they moved their arms and legs perfectly mirrored the way a typical jogger runs. With fists clenched and swinging the arms up and down.

Artist's rendering through witness description - by Vincent Richardson

The second creature was slightly slimmer than the first, but other than that, it was identical as far as I saw. Though I only got a brief glimpse of it. And although their movements were human-like, they were much faster than your average jogger.

They made no effort to clear branches out of the way, simply charging through them. You could hear how loud their stomps were, but they slowly faded until you couldn't hear them at all.

Afterwards, the only evidence we had that they were even real was the fish the creature dropped on the ground when it stood up from the fire.

As scary as the creature was at the time, and knowing animal behavior, it clearly was not looking at us like food. It thought we were a threat to it and was acting in defense. When it was between us and the second creature, they both ran as fast as they could. The first one was likely being defensive of not just of itself, but the other creature as well, perhaps it was a mate or a mostly grown-up child.

We planned to stay out there a lot longer, but understandably, we didn't sleep that night. We instead intently guarded our campsite until morning, when we high-tailed it back to town. After this experience, I'm not going out there ever again without a loaded gun. In order for a species to survive, it must consistently maintain a breeding population. This means there are almost certainly many more of these things out there.

I suppose there are two morals, that I can think of, to this story:

-You never know what undiscovered creatures are out there and potentially dangerous to humans. Perhaps we need to do more exploration of this region. This could one day be an animal you find in sanctuaries and learn about in class. We think we know all of nature, but we are just arrogant to think that.

-Don't go into barely-inhabited regions without a gun. Especially northern Finland. If that thing attacked us, who knows if any of us would have survived.

Believe this or not, I will never forget this experience." Sean

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