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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Huge 'Yellow-Eyed Dogman' Terrorizes Bulgarian Campers!

A group of young Bulgarian adults are in the outdoors camping. After hiking to another location, they soon realize their worst nightmare. An encounter with a Dogman that none will ever forget!

The following account was recently forwarded to me. I have no way of verifying the incident, so I'll leave it to the reader to judge:

"Everyone hears camping goes with the happiness of new experiences and new adventures. Our group was posted in the camp deep in the woods situated in Bulgaria. Honestly, we have our beliefs and folklores that we have heard about, but what we all saw was so different that even I can't explain it.

We prepared ourselves to have a good time, some booze and a couple of tracks up the mountain nearby. We arrived rather fast at the campus grounds as I was sleeping deep and didn't recognize until Mia shook me awake and I blinked away the sleepiness. We got into the separate rooms for men and women (we were all around 18-19 years old), and soon we were all set.

The few days went like a flash and we were accompanied by two elders that led the way to their local campfire grounds. It was far away from our camp so we were walking. Eventually, we were close to our destination. But they say when there's someone staring at you and you feel their eyes boring into you, that was what I felt. I always was a skeptic, but now all my senses were heightened.

Coming closer to the open space with a huge campfire we all set up our little to-do list. Some were finding branches and twigs, others were preparing the food for the meal, some were talking to the elders. When our group was done with all our orders we went to the watchpoint. It was like a watchtower, but without the amenities. It was open and huge that it couldn't allow many people on, and in it, it was a breathtaking sight!

Coming down, I again felt like I was being watched. Like an intense watch that makes you turn around. So I did slowly and carefully as if not feeling its eyes on me. Nothing, there was nothing behind me or rather I haven't seen it.

As I was walking to the campfire, I heard thumps, like someone or something was running on four legs. Remembering it was a forest, after all, I stopped to see was it an elk, fox or something else. But then the horror hit me. The thumps stopped as soon as I did, I was shocked so badly I didn't recognize my friend Mia trying to get my attention. "Hey, earth to Dana!? What did you see, a bird or an elk?" I shook my head and my brows rose in surprise as I spoke "No idea, maybe it's just my imagination!" She laughed and dragged me towards the campfire as I kept glancing back and having a bad feeling about it as we all sat down. I thought that maybe just maybe the hunger was making me hear things and yet something was off.

One of the guys, Nik, decided to visit the restroom facility, and strangely enough, he went with his plate with a good chunk of meat. We all chatted, already filled with delicious barbecued food, as we saw Nik rushing back as if he saw a ghost. We all looked at him as he explained, pointing to the plate, that has only the sauce remains of where his piece of meat was. "I swear I'm not pranking you! I was taking a leak and I felt like something wooshed past me and I heard the sound of the plastic plate. So I turned around and saw that my food was gone!" he had a bewildered look on his face. Everyone, even the elders, suggested that it was a wild animal that stole it. But the look in his eyes told something else.

Some of the girls shared her piece of meat with him, but yet we were a bit worried. We collected all plastic and remaining food into a trash bag that was set aside for us to take when we leave the campfire grounds. The elders suggested walking around a bit and show us a few other places with waterfall and caves. As we walked across the horse path, looking at the indentations in the wet mud, we saw a few rather strange ones and stopped to observe. They were wide, like bears or canines, but how could it be so wide and big? Shrugging it off we walked a bit further when the feeling hit me again. As I turned my head I spotted a rather old treehouse. I alerted the others in the group to continued ahead, not waiting for us. We all walked towards the house and we saw a ladder. It was just pieces of wood planks nailed to the tree heading up.

We decided to climb up, as we heard a few twigs being broken, and rustling is if someone was running around us. We stopped and decided to shrug it off. As we all climbed in Nik, who was last to climb, yelped and screamed, "Get inside NOW!" We all gathered into the treehouse looking at him as if he was a lunatic.

We looked at him for an explanation as he was shivering and trembling. "I saw something huge down there running past me!" We all panicked. I whispered, "It's a bear, right?" He looked around frantically as one of the boys took out a knife which made me smile because it would be a toothpick towards such a huge animal. We heard some more running sounds. It was the sound of a four-legged animal. "If it's a bear, could it climb in the house?' My mind screamed. We all stood still as the running now was accompanied by the growl. It was not bone-chilling, but soon we hear the next sound.

It was a mix of a howl of a wolf mixed with a human howling in insufferable pain. We all froze. It felt like a horror movie. We heard something climbing up a tree as we all stood still cowering in the back of the treehouse. Looking out of the open window and saw a huge bear climbing up the tree. "Has it sensed us? Was it hungry?" My mind was going a mile per second as I realized something. The bear was not even looking in our direction. It was looking down! I took a step closer to the window, so did Nik. We both looked confused. What was wrong with this bear? I mean, I'm happy it wasn't attacking us but...what, in the name of everything, could have scared a bear? The answer came with a loud snarl and growling sounds, accompanied by the thumps and scratches we both looked down. I wish I wouldn't have.

This...thing...was so huge! It was at least 8 foot tall, it had a huge snout and really sharp canines. It was black and its ears were pointed. The fur was black and its eyes...its eyes were yellow! We were shocked, trying top process what these horrible creature was!

We all retreated from the window, as we thought it was trained on the poor bear. Then, someone was screaming our names, as I relaxed in relief. I peeking out to see the wolf-like thing retreat. Its body shape was the strangest of all. It was close to the human body, but more agile and more powerful. We tried to climb down as we heard some twigs falling and scratching as if next to us. One of the girls screamed bloody murder and we heard a thump and a bear running down the opposite side of the road. We all bolted down nearly stumbling and falling off as we saw the elders rushing towards us. We were paler than a paper sheet!  Walking back, we saw a rather peculiar sight. The bonfire was broken up, the trash bag was ripped open and the food scraps were gone.

The group stood there petrified and the elders checked for any animals around. When they found nothing, we picked up the trash again and left. This time our group was practically running towards the camp. As the others mocked us, we tried to play it off. As we ran back, I felt it again. The dread of being watched and thinking that at the campgrounds we would be safe. We all headed towards the old tower. It was abandoned and the bell inside was ripped off. The door was metal and heavy so we decided to close it just in case. Gathering up, we all let out deep breaths and huffs, as some decided to hit a smoke before the elders came back. "What the f*** was that thing?!" said Alisa, inhaling the smoke as if it would calm her nerves down "No idea Al. It was something fricking bigger than the bear!" Nik added, still looking to the outskirts of the fence.

Later on, I was talking to John, who was from the US and was an exchange student coming to visit and learn more about our country. He gulped, "It's not a thing!" He hardly spoke as if something as a memory flashed across his face. "It's a Dog Man!" Everyone looked at him bewildered. "My grandpa encountered one when he was camping in northern Wisconsin. He said it was terrifying, even scarier than a horror movie! It was grey, but it had these yellow eyes that scared grandpa and he ran away leaving his tent behind! It was chasing after him, taunting him! Grandpa knew if he stopped he would die or worse. So he hid in a cave and the next morning a group of rescue people helped him out of the forest. He said he'll never forget how terrified he was then! He even didn't return to retrieve his belongings!" We all listened, realizing how just lucky we were to be alive and in one piece.

But our peace was disturbed once again by this terrifying howling scream. Everyone started to look around like owls trying to find the source. Then I spotted it, standing on its hind legs! It was something straight from the Van Helsing movie! It was sniffing the air and its ears were moving as it took a close step towards the barb-wired fence. We stood and looked at each other. I felt dread filling my whole body. My hands were sweating and the pulse of my heart was sky-rocketing. If I was to face it, I would be dead where I stand and this realization made me whimper.

Everyone was panicking once again as some of the guys slammed shut the metal door behind me. Slowly, I tried to come back to my senses and breathe steady. We were quiet for a moment and then I spoke, "We're not mental. I know it. People don't get mental together. This is the real thing that was in the woods chasing the bear!" Everyone agreed silently as we all walked back quietly.

Feeling somewhat safe, most of the group went to sleep. But I couldn't sleep that night as I was on edge. It turns out that everyone who was in our group was on edge and didn't have a good sleep..

You see, I was a skeptic and non-believer. But this experience made me and my friends scared to go camping. Even if it's a huge group, I'd rather stay inside. But what truly makes a non-believer a believer is an experience of facing it yourself! The bear was enough for me to set the uneasiness in the depths of my soul. Whatever you call it, it still makes me wake up in a cold sweat, looking frantically around and checking my door and window locks! Sometimes I still have the feeling of being watched!" DJ

NOTE: Here is another account of a cryptid canine in Bulgaria - Black Upright Canine Roams University Grounds Near Sofia, Bulgaria. Lon

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