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Tuesday, May 03, 2022

'Bat-Winged Human-Like' Entity Forces Family From Their Home

A family moves into a house near Christmas 2020. Strange activity begins to manifests, that effects most members of the household. Eventually a bat-winged entity forces the family to move away.

The following account was transcribed for me:

"Right before Christmas 2020, Shannon Rogers moved into a new house by the lake (the exact location was undisclosed, but in the US Southwest). Madison Rogers, her daughter, and her boyfriend, helped her move in. Shannon also had a young son, Jamie.

The previous owners had left behind some items including a guitar and a Christmas tree ornament. Right away, Shannon began hearing Jamie talking to an imaginary friend. Other strange things began occurring and she sensed the house was haunted. She assumed that it was the spirit of a previous owner, an elderly woman. Her daughter did not believe any of it. 

One night, Shannon heard the music box playing on its own. Various incidents involving the music box playing on its own and loud bangs began to happen more regularly. One day she saw her son playing. She could see wet footprints leading into the living-room area. As she entered the room, she observed a ghostly dripping wet little girl standing behind the table. She vanished. Another day, she entered one of the rooms and saw a man with long hair sitting on the bed. When she asked who the man was, he told her that his sister could have his guitar and that he was sorry. And then he shot himself with a gun in the head. The man faded out. 

Shannon investigated and found that a young girl had drowned at the lake nearby just a few years prior. Also, a man had killed himself in her house. She reached out to a psychic who told her to give the guitar to the sister. With the help of the landlord, she was able to track her down and give it to her.

A few nights later, while laying in bed. She went to check on her son and observed a strange demonic looking entity standing in his room. According to the psychic, the suicide had opened a portal in the home, allowing multiple spirits to move through. Shannon and a friend were able to close it but something remained in the house and momentarily possessed Shannon. 

Sometime later, Madison and her boyfriend, Ed, got laid off and they were forced to move in to save money. Right away, Madison's boyfriend began acting weird. Shannon awoke one night to see Ed sitting at the dining room table. He was behaving strangely. Madison thinks something attached itself to him. Later, Shannon was levitated in her bed which was witnessed by Madison, who was also pulled out of the room by her feet by an invisible force.

Madison and Ed moved out. Jamie went to live with Shannon's mother. While at the house, now alone, the banging increased exponentially and Shannon asked the creature to show itself and it did. She looked up to see it standing in her hallway. It appeared to be a humanoid figure with long Spock-like ears and bat-like arms and wings. It appeared almost bird-like. Its face terrified her. Shannon decided to move and now lives in an RV. She tours the country as a paranormal investigator."

Transcribed Source: Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life, Season 1, Episode 1, “Portal to Hell”

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