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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Dreadful 'Red-Eyed Dark Figure' Encountered in Madison County, NC

A retired USAF career veteran and his family move to rural western North Carolina. One day, during his regular walk, he encounters a horrifying red-eyed dark figure standing in the nearby woods.

I recently received the following account:

"My dad was career US Air Force. After 25 years of service he retired and we moved back to my mom’s hometown in Madison County, North Carolina. My dad was always active and walked everyday to stay in shape, whether we were stationed near the beach or forests. He would walk for miles, picking up trash or visiting neighbors.

We moved to a rural area, but close enough to get to town in about 15 minutes. The area just had not been developed much and there were high power lines crisscrossing the area. My dad would walk along these clear cut areas until he had a very bad experience. My dad didn’t scare easy, but whatever he saw that day scared him and filled him with fear.

This particular day was in late August / early September, so it was still light after he got home from work (the man worked until he was 65). After dinner, he decided to walk along the power lines, something he had done for several years. He would always tell us in which direction he was going.

He had been gone for about 90 minutes, when he returned home looking as white as a sheet and very agitated. He told me and my sisters that he didn’t want us to walk along the power lines anymore and would prefer that we didn’t go beyond a certain point (about a 1/4 mile). Knowing him so well, we didn’t dare question him about it.

Sometime later, during the next day or so, he told us what he had seen. He had walked to where the power line crossed a major highway and was walking back, He said that during the entire walk back, he felt like he was being watched. This area was / is all piney woods and no houses whatsoever. At this time he still smoked cigarettes and he stopped to light one up and turned around to block the wind. When he did this, he looked into the woods and there was a dark, black figure about 30 yards in the woods staring at him. This dark figure had red eyes and when it snarled and growled at him, he saw the yellow fangs. My dad said he felt evil fill the air and was terrified.

My dad always wore a gold cross on a chain that his mother had given him many years ago for protection. My dad put his hand on the cross and kept it there while he walked home. He said the dark figure followed him, but never came out of the woods and never got any closer. When he got to within 1/4 mile of the house, the dark figure dissipated and vanished. The air felt safe again.

My dad didn’t scare easily. He was a Korean and Vietnam veteran and flew reconnaissance flights over enemy territory. But whatever he saw that evening, visibly terrified him. He never walked that way again. There were two ponds on the property and while we were always comfortable at the pond close to the front of the house, none of us really liked to go the other smaller pond, which was close to the woods where dad saw the dark figure. He never saw the dark figure again and he always felt like he wasn’t suppose to see it when he did, but did so by accident.

About 30 years ago, the property was sold to a developer. A large Church was built and an apartment complex. Part of the land is still undeveloped because it belongs to the utility company. I have no urge to go walking along the cleared area." N

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