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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Huge, Red 'Minotaur' Encountered by Brother & Sister Near Louisville, Kentucky

A young brother & sister encounter a red Minotaur-like creature in the woods around Louisville, Kentucky. Each see the beast differently, possibly being a shapeshifting entity of some type.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"My Pop told me of an experience he had with his twin sister when they were kids. My grandmother's house was in a very forested area in the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky, and they would walk through the woods as a short cut in any given direction.

One day, when they were walking home through the woods, they reached the tree line to their backyard. In their backyard my Pop saw what he described as an all red, seven-foot-tall, half man & half bull type creature (like a Minotaur from Greek mythology). He said that this red creature had the upper body of a man with curved horns on its head, and the lower body had 2 hairy legs with hooves. He said that this monster was snorting, snarling and beating its hoof on the ground like it was going to charge at them. That it was obviously evil and wanted to hurt them.

He told my aunt that they needed to get out of there quickly, but he was shocked when she said it was cute and that she wanted to pet it. My aunt was seeing the same creature, but was seeing something completely different. She said that the creature was calling for her and looked so nice, and that she wanted to pet it. My Pop refused and forced her away. This is the part in every scary movie that you call the person an idiot, because you can’t be that stupid.

My Pop was never one to tell me ghost stories, but I always chocked it up to that. A few years after he told me I visited my aunt. I always thought about the story, and wanted my aunt to bust the story saying it was fake or the one-in-a-million chance say that it was somehow true.

When I asked her about it my Pop wasn't in the room. She mirrored every single thing that my Pop said. She told me everything that my Pop said, and everything that she saw. She described the creature being "all red and cute." It was a really big WTF moment for me, because I believed them. Also because it sounded terrifying.

My Pop is a very logical God-fearing man, and my aunt was a very honest and sweet woman. She was actually murdered in Los Angeles in 2016, so just writing about her makes me kind of emotional due to her being my Pop's best friend, and obviously my aunt. My Pop thinks they saw two different things, because he had just excepted Jesus into his life and she hadn’t yet. Other than that, he has no idea. They never saw it after that." D

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