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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Tall, Black & Squared Entity Manifests During Mississippi Bigfoot Investigation

Yesterday, I received the following account from Bigfoot & cryptid investigator Marcus Ellis, who is also a member of Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research. The location was the Delta National WMA in Sunflower County, Mississippi. A area is known as Long Bayou. Marcus recently started going to this particular location, but Delta National WMA has a lot of Bigfoot activity and is in the general area of Hells Gate, which he has mentioned countless times as a hotspot for the paranormal.

I'm presenting the email 'as is,' with Marcus' permission, in order to gather ideas and possible similar activity experienced by the readers:

"Hey Lon, I had something very unusual happen to me a few weeks back that I am wondering if maybe, in your years of investigations, have you encountered or had reported to you.  I was in a wildlife management area that is known for Bigfoot activity early one morning and just before I decided it was time to leave that's when the odd event occurred. I had been in this research area of mine for over 2 hours and nothing unusual whatsoever had occurred. I pretty much knew coming into the WMA that I was alone - my tire tracks and inspecting all the turn offs told me no one was there nor had been there in a day or so. I was totally alone.

I had parked in a small parking area in what is called Long Bayou and had taken numerous photos and video and had even performed a few Bigfoot calls with no results. There was no traffic at all on the road after all this time. No sounds of machinery or anything man-made whatsoever. I had walked the few yards out to the main road half a dozen times or more checking right then left (the way I had come in) and there was never a sign of anything or anyone. Just the sounds of nature filled the air up to this point.

I decided to walk to the road one last time, film a little clip for my YouTube channel and head for home. As I walked the few yards to the road, things calmed down sound wise with the insects, birds and other wildlife I had been hearing. It didn't stop all together but it diminished greatly. I reached the road, camcorder still running and me talking into it. I looked to my right and saw and heard nothing. As I swung the camera around to my left, again, in the direction I had driven in, I saw something way down the road that, looking back, shook me up a little, if not a lot.

About 300 yards or less, in the middle of the road, was a huge dark black object that filled the middle of the road. It was tall, jet black and had a square, box like shape to it. It was huge. Looking at my video I had shot, I can tell now I was a little unnerved. I honestly felt like I was looking at a big pickup truck blocking the road and that it was headed my way. Not knowing who it may be or what they were up to, made me trot to my SUV and chunk my gear in the backseat and get up to the road. This took me no more than a minute and a half, and I was looking out my driver's side window, to my left...and there was nothing there! Absolutely nothing.

I was stunned to say the least. I felt that whomever it was should either be getting closer to me or at the least still in view. Yet there was nothing there. At first I was kind of relieved, but that quickly changed. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I was now truly shook up. Something was feeling way off now - not right.

I pulled out into the road and headed back the way I came in and where this 'Thing' had been sitting. As I eased down the road I stopped and checked what few turn-offs there were and found nothing. No tire tracks, no ATV tracks, nothing to tell me a vehicle of any type had been back this way. I made my way to the entrance/exit of the WMA, dropped off my visitor slip and looked back behind me - the only tire tracks coming in and going out of the WMA were mine. I never encountered not the first human being the whole morning.

As I eased out and back to the main highway, I began to feel that perhaps I had seen something I wasn't supposed to have witnessed. It looked technological, machine-like. It didn't look humanoid or human-shaped. And I never heard any sound from it, no tires crunching gravel or engine noise. I remembered the box-shaped objects the Sherman family reported in their fields cruising and floating around as if they were searching for something. Was this what I saw or perhaps something else from well, somewhere else other than our world? Or was it merely a pickup truck after all. By this point and to this moment it just doesn't feel like it was a truck. And I also began to feel, and again, at this moment, that I was fortunate that I never got any closer to it nor it to me.

Lon, I have no idea what I saw and experienced but I know it was real, and it just wasn't right. I have the video but the lens was zoomed in so while you can barely see the object it is plainly there. I could see it better with my naked eye way better than what the camera captured. My question is, have you heard of or had reports of large box shaped objects in the rural, such as country roads or fields that seemed machine like only to suddenly disappear or be gone in a super short period of time?

I have found that, the more I get out in the field, odd paranormal things seem to happen to me more and more. This feels like another experience that figures in with many others that have been occurring when I go to my research area's. I admit I could be totally wrong here but I honestly don't think I am. I know what to look for and make note of and how to deduce and investigate odd situations and that leans me toward something high strange. Marcus"

NOTE: I have not seen the video or screen captures yet. There seems to be several odd occurrences experienced by Bigfoot investigators, so this is just another to add to the list. Your thoughts. Lon

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