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Saturday, May 07, 2022

'Creepy Clown' Taunts Deer Hunters For Hours in the Adirondacks

A pair of deer hunters, who are part of a larger group, encounter a guy dressed in a clown outfit, who is roaming around their hunting area, literally taunting them for hours.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This incident occurred in 2019, when I was 17 years old, and living in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. It was deer season and I was hunting on a raised area between 2 swamps. This was a great spot akin to a "super highway" for the deer. Mind you, this spot is not close to roads, being about 3 miles in. The day was cold and windy. Snow had fallen a few days before and was frozen solid.

I was sitting on a low branch of a hardwood that made a perfect natural tree stand looking down between the swamps. My buddy was about 200 yards away over a rise at the end of one of the swamps in a climbing tree stand.

Around 8 in the morning, I see movement from the end of the deer run between the swamps. Pick up my binoculars to look. While scanning the area I see movement again. The object was different colors, obscured by some pines, but I saw it moving.

Then, out of the brush it came. I seriously kid you not - a clown. Rainbow frizzy hair, red nose, the whole works. He didn't have on any cold weather clothes that I could tell. He was just kind of wandering around that area looking at the ground. Then I noticed a pistol in his hand. Very creepy for sure. I had not walked in from that side so there were no tracks leading my way from where he was.

I leaned back on my perch putting the tree between him and I and took off my orange vest. No way did I want this weirdo seeing me. My vest was a blaze orange mesh, kind of like a jersey, so I stuffed it in my cargo pocket. I peek out again. The clown is sitting on the deer run where he came out, facing me. He is about 100-125 yards away.

He just sat there for about an hour. I kept looking at him through my binoculars while staying as much behind my tree as possible. The guy/clown was rocking back and forth with the pistol on his lap.

Then, he got up, fished through his pockets and pulled out a set of those wind up teeth. He wound them, tied them to an overhanging branch on the trail and let them go. The teeth were chattering away. He turns toward where I am, gives a thumbs up in my direction, does a "clown laugh" and does a sideways run into the bushes.

I'm sitting there thinking, 'WTF did I just see?'

I sit there until around noon. No other noise (head is on a swivel) or movement. Drop down from my perch and put my vest back on. I cut over the hill and cross the swamp (frozen) and head to my buddy's stand. I've got to tell him this, even if he thinks I'm making it up.

I find the run he sets up on and follow it in. Around a stand of birch, I see him up in his stand and head right for him. As soon as he sees me he starts waving his arms and gives me one of those hand slash under the neck signals. I freeze. Pull out my binoculars and look at him. He is about 75 yards away.

He does the neck slash thing again, the points behind him, around the tree. Then I hear it. That damn clown laugh. A lot. He looked freaked out. I sat there near the birches for what felt like forever, with my rifle at the ready. The laughing has stopped a while ago. My buddy finally starts climbing down the tree.

He comes down the trail to me and says, 'There's some dude dressed like a freaking clown fooling around near my scrape.'

Then I told him what happened at my spot. We split and told his older brother. A few of the adults all wanted us to show them where this was the next morning. The next morning we headed out toward my spot.

When we got there, there were now 3 chattering teeth hanging on the trail. We found tracks in the snow - clown shoe tracks. We followed the tracks. The tracks cut the long way around 1 swamp and straight to my buddy's spot. There were chatter teeth hanging there too along with one of those rubber chickens.

At this point, they believed us. And went all out to find this guy.

They never did. The tracks eventually lead to a parking area near a pond a few miles over and disappeared.

We were cautious in that area for a long time after that." S

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