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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Humanoid Eyewitness Reports: Crawlers, Glimmer Man, & Headless Biped

Various humanoid reports (crawlers, glimmer man, headless biped) from eyewitness in Indiana, Texas, Vermont, & Poland. Have you seen any unexplained humanoids?

The following accounts were forwarded to me:

"So last year in January 2021, I saw 3 humanoid creatures that stared at me and smiled. My fiancé thinks is a Rake, but once I seen them nothing happened to me and as far as I know of no one close to me. As soon as we all locked eyes they just started to smile at me. I just stayed in my seat of my truck with a deer in the headlights look (I’m assuming because I didn’t unlock my stare) and I just waited for something to happen. It caught me off guard when they all literally just left.

It was 2 in the morning, I was on a back road in my home town. I remember turning a corner and my truck lights shined on them. They were black with what looked like wrinkles or scars, and their eyes were shining a very bright white color. The nose looked like Voldemorts on Harry Potter and their teeth were a rotten yellow color. The teeth were sharp it was a rotten yellow color. I couldn’t tell if it had fur or not and the 3 all had while glowing eyes. This was in Washington, Indiana on a back road heading to Edward’s Port." Name withheld


This was at the height of Pokemon Go (2016). We were at an artillery range about 30 minutes outside of El Paso, Texas. A group of about seven of us decided to head out on some trails near a park. This place was pretty barren. Think New Mexico desert. The group all had flashlights, one of us had brought an NVG. We were all just walking and talking until our Doc saw a silhouette against the moonlight some 300 meters in the distance on some rocks. He dismissed it as a coyote. Then the sergeant, that tagged along, tells us to kill the lights and grabs the NVG. He just mutters to himself "WTF?" The NVG is passed around with pretty similar reactions.

Just sitting there was a pale man with big glowing eyes, a disproportionate body and a set of antlers beside it. It was unnatural looking. Only about half of the group had a chance until the last guy said, "It's staring right back at us. Wait, it's getting up." As those words were spoken we all just bolted back towards our GSA van. The ride back was eerie and quiet. We just agreed never to bring it up again." OS


"This is my husband's account of a "glimmer man" sighting that I am re-telling. Just had him repeat it to me again to make sure I didn't mess up the story somehow. He grew up in Vermont so it's very wooded everywhere. Vermont feels like a benign place as far as absolutely everything goes, but still where there's lots of woods there is strangeness, I firmly believe that. The woods is not a human domain. It belongs to the animals and God knows what else!

So, about 30 years ago when he was in high school, he and his buddies were hanging at a friend's house. The edge of the forest was probably 5 or 6 car lengths away from the porch where they were hanging out. He's never smoked or drank or did anything mind altering due to a medical condition. So there he was, of completely sound mind, just randomly looking at the forest edge when he sees a tall humanoid invisible-ish figure just strolling along the edge of the forest, just inside the tree line. He watched it slowly walk the length of the property and out of sight. He said he would have never noticed it if he hadn't been looking directly at the spot where it appeared initially. And that was it! It was so bizarre he didn't tell his friends and just played it off like nothing happened.

The only description he could give, besides the weird predator-type invisibility aspect, was that it was definitely humanoid shaped, sort of slowly slightly swinging its arms and definitely tall! So crazy. Also, just FYI, my husband is a no-nonsense practical down to earth sort of man with a lot of integrity, so not the type to make things like this up at all. He is an open person too though and has seen a number of strange things in the woods over time here in Vermont." F


I was in a youth group. One time we had a meeting at our campsite. At some point we got a task which required us to go to the forest for some time in small groups. The task was easy. Go to the forest, find a paper, remember what was on it and go back. No big deal, right?

Well, it was already getting a bit dark when my group went there. We were walking a path we all knew, but at some point I noticed something in the forest. At first I thought I just imagined something, but then I kept seeing this, even when I looked directly at it. It looked like a white body, but no head to be seen. It was around my height, which is 1,60 meters. I tried to tell anyone about this, but as always, no one listened. It was wandering peacefully through the forest and at some point it just disappeared from my sight.

I recently brought this up while talking to my friend who was also there. She said that she also saw it (which proves I didn't imagine it) and told me that it was probably a deer, but I doubt that. First, I am sure I didn't see it's head. If it was a deer I'm sure I would see it. Second, there are no deer in that forest. I also sometimes heard footsteps around, but thought I was imagining it. Also I couldn't see its head so it was definitely not a deer. It kind of looked like that cryptid that's basically two legs walking. It happened in Poland, where I live." A

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