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Monday, June 06, 2016

Police Officers Encounter Shadowy Figure

I received the following account from a longtime reader:

About a week ago a Westminster, MD police officer and another officer saw something rather interesting in a bicycle shop during the wee hours of the morning. I consider this to be a very significant sighting because two police officers witnessed the same thing at the same time.

Westminster, MD - In the early morning hours of May 28, 2016 (approximately 2:45 A.M.), two Westminster City police officers were on duty and happened to be standing in the parking lot across from White's Bicycle Shop on West Main Street, when they both saw something move inside the bicycle shop across the street. What they saw was a tall, slender black figure that was approximately 6 feet tall. They observed the figure moving quickly from right to left towards the coin shop that is housed next door (there is an open doorway between the two shops). Both officers questioned if each other had seen movement inside the bicycle shop. Agreeing on what they saw, the officers felt that they had seen an intruder inside the bicycle shop (as it had been robbed before) and called for back up as well as asking for an after hours night reference to call for the shop. At this point, both officers moved to a more shadowed part of the parking lot to await their back up and so as not to give away their presence to the potential intruder in the bicycle shop. It was at this point that one of the officers saw what appeared to be the a reflection of what appeared to be a male face, with no body, in the glass of the coin shop next door. This was the direction that the shadowy figure moved toward.

Once their back up arrived on the scene and took up a position behind the building that housed the bicycle/coin shops, one of the officers called the night reference that they were given, which happened to be the owner of the bicycle shop. The officer asked the owner if anyone was supposed to be in the shop at that time. The owner indicated that his son was there in an apartment in the back of the shop. Thinking that's what they had seen was the owner's son, the officers made contact with him to question him. However, upon seeing the owner's son, his physical appearance was much different than that of the black shadow that they had witnessed earlier. The officers told the owner's son what they had seen and asked if there was anyone else present. The owner's son told the officers that he was the only one there and gave the officers permission to search the shop. Finding no one else inside the shop and no signs of a forced entry, the officers questioned the owner's son further, asking if there had been other odd occurrences inside the the shop. The owner's son told the officers that the building the bicycle/coin shop was in was originally built back in the 1800's. The owner's son knew of a female that had committed suicide in the building by hanging herself a few years ago. However, the figure that the officers saw appeared to be a male. The owner's son also mentioned that there were apartments above the shop and that prior tenants have reported seeing strange shadowy figures in the past. It is important to note that the apartments above the bicycle shop are in a separate part of the building and that there is no direct access from the apartments to the bicycle shop. Entrance to and from these apartments is in the rear of the building.

Another thing that the officers noted is that part of the bicycle shop's security system includes motion sensors which will turn on additional lighting when activated. The two officers who witnessed the shadowy figure both say that none of the bicycle shop's security measures were activated, yet they both saw that the shadowy figure cast a shadow against the night lighting that was on inside the shop at the time. TL

NOTE: One of the officers who witnessed the shadowy figure is the stepdaughter of the submitter.

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