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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Eyeless Female Ghoul

Richard wrote in to Darkness Radio tell of something bizarre he saw one morning:

“Awhile back I was working as a courier for a company. My duties included picking up specimens from the hospital. One morning when I was driving, after picking up specimens from the hospital, I noticed there was a car going in the opposite direction. The car only had one visible person driving the car. She had curly wet brown hair with both of her hands on the steering wheel at the ten and the two o'clock position. We crossed each others paths going in the opposite directions and now, we as drivers, are parallel to each other. She is on my left side while I am also on her left side. Something made me turn and look and things all of a sudden went in slow motion.

I saw a person sitting next to her which wasn't there before. It looked like a woman with very dark hair, pale white skin and dark eye sockets. When we went past each other, I thought, 'Wow, that's weird!' I need to make a U-turn and take second look.

So I stop at the nearest light, make a U-turn and right when I did, now the passenger is on the other side of the street and when the drivers are parallel to each other, things went in slow motion, the passenger with pale white skin with the very dark hair turned and looked at the driver but I think she was looking at me. She still doesn't have any eye sockets, just big open gaping holes. She opened her mouth and all I saw was total darkness in her mouth. Somehow it felt as though she were sucking my soul.

The slow motion broke and I resumed driving off almost crashing into traffic mid-section. Reality then hit me, I thought about it and, I just saw something I should not have seen. Question is, what the heck is that thing?”

Source: Darkness Radio - June 6, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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