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Friday, June 17, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Large Black Alien Entity -- Mysterious Space Rock Found -- Mars Needs You!

Large Black Alien Entity

Bloomington, IN - 2016-03-16 - 4:23AM: I was asleep in my bed about 4:00 am after going to sleep late (maybe midnight), I awoke in sleep paralysis coupled with shooting pain in my head and neck, at first I felt like my head was in the jaws of some large animal, like a puma. The pain was intense across the crown of my head and back of neck, as if something were forcing my spine to be straight while I was being held by a device. I broke free from this device after feeling two injections, one into my spine which left serious pain and the other behind my lower left ear on my neck (offset from the spine), which left me feeling drained. I mustered enough willpower to wrench myself free from the vice grip and turned to see an entity with black skin and speckled all over with silver (the entity was at least 6-8 feet tall, but was hunched over so height was not easily determinable, it felt larger than me and left a predatory aura of menace) - its eyes were speckled with silver swirls, reminding me of a chameleon's lidded eyes but conveyed the impression of swirling galaxies. The black skinned entity had long arms with an extra joint between the wrist and hand area. The entity made a loud noise as if surprised that I had wrenched free from the vice or device it had used on me, the sound was a deep throated noise that was similar to "Urrruck". It didn't seem to be telepathic communication or anything, just a loud noise it made.

Then it suddenly seemed to grow hazy and vanish. By this point I was fully awake and terrified. I felt a terrible menace in my darkened house, with only a faint kitchen light. I felt or somehow knew, the entity was still here, waiting for my body to grow tired and me to fall asleep again. I forced myself out of bed and began searching my house, flipping on lights in every room as I did so. I found my kitchen and bedroom/bathroom empty. I still felt pain from my back, shoulder, neck and head that persisted. Fueled mostly by adrenaline I entered my sitting room and suddenly felt a spot of cold behind my couch and my hairs all stood on end. I began to check the entryway door to my house and suddenly I heard the sound of both my backdoor and my front door slamming loudly and simultaneously. I opened the door fast to see if I could catch someone or something running away, but found that my front door was locked. I ran immediately to the back door and discovered the same thing. I don't know if this was due to some sort of temporal anomaly or an ability to pass through solid matter, but I was fully awake and very terrified by that point.

I went out the back door and looked up into the sky, the stars were out and light cloud cover, with clouds racing on the wind. Only one cloud was not moving and it had a round hole in the cloud cover - nothing seemed to be there but it was perfectly circular. I couldn't say how high up above the house it was, but it seemed close (<100<500yards). I went back inside after giving the sky the middle finger and returned to my house. I didn't know what to do but I wouldn't get back to sleep until 10am. I looked at myself in mirror and found a mark on the back of my neck under my left ear where I felt the second injection. I photographed this injection mark (although possibly it could have been a bug bite, although it was not there when I went to sleep) with my cellphone and the next day I would find a second mark (unphotographed) on the back of my neck right below the skull, right on my spine. The event was menacing and predatory and unlike any other encounter I've had. I periodically document my encounters during sleep paralysis when I seem to encounter entities, although this event was far more extreme and persisted long after I was fully awake. The entity encountered was unlike anything I've ever seen before or heard of as well.


Huge Lizard Visitor

A man in Thailand returned home on Wednesday to find a huge monitor lizard trying to force its way in.

Attanai Thaiyuanwong couldn't believe his eyes when he came across the reptilian intruder which was so large that it was almost the same size as the door it was trying to get through.

It remains unclear how Thaiyuanwong eventually managed to remove the animal from his property but the image he took has since wracked up several hundred thousand views online.


Mysterious Space Rock Found

A 470 million-year-old meteorite has turned out to be quite unlike any that have been found before.

Discovered in limestone at a quarry in Sweden, the tennis-ball sized space rock possesses a chemical composition that is totally different to that of any other known meteorite.

Most of the 50,000 meteorites examined by scientists over the years belong to a class known as 'ordinary chondrites' which are thought to have originated from a single large asteroid.

This new meteorite however appears to be something else entirely.

"This does not resemble anything... even if we look at the big types that exist today and look at the broad ranges, this one falls completely outside of everything," physicist Birger Schmitz told NPR.

"All interpretations about how the solar system formed are based on the meteorites that fall on earth today and 80% are ordinary chondrite and the assumption is then that these meteorites are the type of material that dominates... that it’s typical material for the solar system."

"But now we have the very, very first little clue, or indication, that there may have been other meteorites that were more common in the Earth’s distant past." - Swedish meteor’s chemical make-up unlike anything seen before


NASA: Mars Needs You!

Mars needs YOU! In the future, Mars will need all kinds of explorers, farmers, surveyors, teachers . . . but most of all YOU! Join us on the Journey to Mars as we explore with robots and send humans there one day. Download a Mars poster that speaks to you. Be an explorer!


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