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Daily 2 Cents: Black Eyed Entity in Bedroom -- The 1916 Matawan, NJ Shark Attacks -- Juror Dismissed From Trial...Claims Visit by Victim's Ghost

Black Eyed Entity in Bedroom

Ashley from Niagara Falls called in to tell of something strange she observed in her room:

“In April of this year, I moved to a quiet condo located on the suburbs of Niagara Falls. I initially liked the place because when I first walked in because it not only felt like home but as a fellow sensitive person, the presence there felt calm and welcoming. The last few weeks I had been experiencing that familiar creepy looking over your shoulder feeling. Mid-week, I had stayed up late to finish laundry and, of course, listen to Darkness Radio.

I was ironing clothes and then putting them away in my room and my son's. I walked into my room with the light off and I saw I can only describe as a small figure crouched on all fours at the bottom of my bed. It had dark black eyes and a boy's face. I could actually see the reflection of the light outside glinting in its eyes. Its body was almost contorted the way it appeared on all fours. I walked in the room completely oblivious. Its back was to me and it turned and lifted its head up to me. The look on its face was almost a sneer. I dropped the laundry basket and said, 'Nope!' Backed up, must have blinked. When I looked again, it was gone.

Being a septic myself, I went back in and turned the lights on. I checked for the cat. I found him curled up on the couch snoozing. My son was asleep in his bed. There was nothing on the floor period so there's that could have appeared in a quick glance to appear like that., Needless to say, I did not sleep in my room that night. I haven't seen it again but if I do I'll let you know.”

Source: Darkness Radio - June 6, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Doctor Prepares To Perform First Full Body Transplant

Dr. Frankenstein, meet Dr. Ren Xiaoping. The two have more in common than it might appear. While Frankenstein and his monster have been cultural icons for over two centuries, a new type of recreated man may soon overtake them in the polls. Currently, Dr. Xiaoping, a respected but infamous orthopedic surgeon, is moving forward with a plan that has many people getting out their pitchforks and torches.

At its highest level, Dr. Xiaoping wants to help people. No one doubts that. His methods, however, leave many people grappling with ethical issues. For instance, he has already found a number of paralyzed people willing to donate their bodies to his experiments. Included among those is Wang Huanming, a 62-year-old retired gas worker. After a playful wrestling match with a friend, he injured his spine. For the last six years, he has been paralyzed from the neck down. Dr. Xiaoping’s plan is to cut off Huanming’s head and attach it to a newly decapitated body. In order to do this, he plans to connect the blood vessels in Huanming’s head to those in the recipient body. He will then insert a metal stake along the spine, apply some adhesive, and stick the head on.

To many scientists, this sounds more like building a scarecrow than it does saving a man’s life. Researchers from the United States, England, Italy, and Brazil have all come out against the proposed transplant operation. While there are some aspects that are viable, including keeping the head alive during the procedure, the rest is beyond current medical science. In particular, the ability to connect and grow the neurons in the spine has never been successfully demonstrated. Even commentators in China, including Cong Yali at Peking University, are opposed to the idea. He fears the procedure would worsen stereotypes of Chinese doctors. That medical body is still recovering its reputation after having experimented on prisoners for decades, despite international outcry. China has since officially discontinued the practice.

Dr. Xiaoping first came to international attention when he assisted in the world’s first hand transplant surgery. After sixteen years at the University of Louisville and the University of Cincinnati, he returned to Harbin Medical University, in Harbin China, in 2012. Since then, he has assembled a team of specialists to assist him in his plans to conduct the fully body transplant. He admits that he is not close to perfecting the operation. He has been experimenting with head transplants in mice, but none has survived even a day after the operation. Last year, though, he performed a head transplant of a monkey, which survived for 12 hours after the surgery. Despite these setbacks, Dr. Xiaoping is determined to press on. His efforts provide hope for those, like Wang Huanming, who have no better option. - Doctor Prepares To Perform First Full Body Transplant


The 1916 Matawan, NJ Shark Attacks

It happened once when John Savolaine was checking in at a London hotel. And again when he was buying a tire at a garage in Illinois. And really, almost anywhere he travels.

He fills out his address as Matawan, New Jersey, and people start talking sharks.

"Oh, I know Matawan!'' he recalls the London hotel clerk saying. "That's the place where the shark attacks happened.''

As in, the famous Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, in which two swimmers were killed along the beaches in Beach Haven and Spring Lake and then two more in the brackish creek that runs through this town.

The shark attacks that sent scientists scrambling to revise their theory that sharks never attack humans. The attacks that wove a thread of worldwide fascination that runs from "Jaws" to "Sharknado" to Shark Week and a thousand aquarium displays worldwide. Read more at The 1916 shark attacks: Matawan, N.J.'s 100-year struggle with a bloody legacy


Juror Dismissed From Trial...Claims Visit by Victim's Ghost

Perhaps if they had inquired about the eventual verdict, participants in the Lukas Strasser-Hird homicide trial could have avoided more than a month of evidence.

Just one day into the multi-week trial on May 5, an unidentified female juror indicated to Justice Glen Poelman she was no longer able to remain impartial in the case.

In a letter she sent to the Court of Queen’s Bench judge, read into the court record by him, the juror explained she couldn’t go on after hearing Crown lawyer Marlo MacGregor outlining the prosecution’s case the previous day.

“I was presented with information the evening of May 4, 2016, which I feel directly impacts my ability to act as a jury member on this case with an unbiased opinion,” the juror said in her note to Poelman.

“I have a gift of being an intuitive and medium, and although I did not believe this gift would impact my ability to provide judgment on this case based solely on the facts presented before me in court … I am wrong,” she said.

The unnamed woman then told Poelman she could explain to him what a medium is if he wished.

“I can describe it as the ability to see, hear, feel, sense those that have died or whom are about to be born,” she said, before explaining what occurred to impact her impartiality.

“Last night the deceased presented himself to me and made me feel what he went through as he was being killed, the intensity of his injuries, and the location of his wounds,” she said.

“He also showed me information relating to those who beat, stabbed, and kicked him.

“I cannot get those horrible images out of my mind. I feel what he felt,” she explained.

“I hear what he heard. He kept repeating the phrase ‘I’m sorry, I am so sorry, please tell my family I am sorry.'”

The woman then explained she wasn’t asking Poelman to believe in the paranormal.

“Sir, I am not asking that you believe in what I experienced last night, but I ask that you believe in how this has affected me on a personal, mental, and physical level,” she said.

“It was, and never has been, my intention to retract my ability to fulfil the juror role or come into court with a bias, but at this point I feel I can no longer act as a member of this jury fairly and without bias towards the accused,” she said.

With the agreement of counsel, Poelman excused the woman from further service.

Charged with second-degree murder in Strasser-Hird’s Nov. 23, 2013, slaying are Franz Cabrera, Jordan Liao, Joch Pouk and Assmar Shlah.

The remaining jurors are now deliberating the case. - Juror dismissed at start of Strasser-Hird trial after claiming visit from victim's ghost


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