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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fireworks Celebrations From Prior Times

Margaret in Omaha, Nebraska called in to Coast to Coast AM to tell of her bizarre time slip event:

This happened in about the year 2007. It was the second week in September, on a Sunday. I had been visiting a friend of mine who lived on a farm outside of Manwin, Nebraska. The sun had just set and she had just gotten the kids to sleep in bed. She needed cigarettes so we took off on the gravel road for a little drive to go get her cigarettes and we were driving around a little bit and I noticed to the north that there was fireworks going off. I thought, 'oh, great, fireworks!' And let me preface this by saying that it wasn't like somebody shooting off fireworks in their backyard, it was like a professional fireworks show going on and we were like, wait. Sunday night, you know, second week in September? What is going on?

As we looked around, there were professional fireworks shows going on in like every direction. And we went and got her cigarettes. We asked the gal, 'Hey, what's going on, what's up with all these fireworks on a Sunday night?' She was busy and couldn't tell us and we racked our brains, could not think of what was going on. And, I had to work the next day and I said, I'm gonna take off towards the north, back towards Omaha and see if I can't catch up with one of these shows. I mean it just went on for like ever and ever. And as I drove to the north, I reached the outskirts of Omaha where this was still going on and as I reached the area, it stopped and about a block later where the fireworks were going off, you know, there was an empty ballfield. Not a car to be seen. So, the only thing that I could figure was it was like the Fourth of July all around us except where we were at. And she had inquired with people in town after that. She talked to the town busy-bodies and nobody could come up with a solution as to where these fireworks were. Or what the reason. (host Jimmy Church asks the date) The date was probably about the 8th or 9th of September. All the stuff for Labor Day had been over the week before. (Church asks if she noticed if the cars around them were older) No, everything around us was present time that's why it was almost like a bubble.

Source: Coast To Coast AM - June 17, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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