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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Anomalous Light in Garage -- Mango Mystery -- Goodbye, 'Ghost Hunters!'

Anomalous Light in Garage

Sherman, NY - 2014-09-10 - 1:21AM: In late 2014, when I was in between jobs, I was staying at my parents and sleeping in their garage until I could afford to get a place. My father has a security camera in the garage, so he routinely checks it when the motion sensor goes off. I woke up one morning, went inside the house, and my dad told me that the security camera caught something the previous night while I was sleeping. As I watched the clips from the camera, I got chills from looking at the entity/orb, especially when it seems to look over the car at me. We are an extremely skeptical family, so we had to run some experiments. We tried replicating the orb seen on the video with laser pointers from every window, flashlights from every direction, we even tied a dead spider to the end of a string and held it in front of the camera. What we noticed though, was that whenever ANYTHING came in view of the camera, it would focus on that object and the background would dim just a little. When the orb comes into view, it has absolutely no effect on the background, leaving you to wonder why. It's unlike any orb I've ever seen in that it acts like a shape-shifting blob of energy instead of a perfect circle. If you look closely, you can even make out a figure top-right of the orb with a head that appears to look down at me on the air mattress. This video had an enormous impact on my life and the way I view the world. I hope it can do the same for many others. - MUFON CMS

click for video - I was sleeping in my parents garage one night, and we caught an extremely weird anomaly on the security camera.


Mango Mystery

It’s a mystery.

A fast moving mango, weighing 454 grams, fell into a Calgary family’s backyard on Tuesday afternoon. It narrowly missed Lisa Egan while she was rolling up the cover on the family’s pool.

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, something hits the top of the blanket – approximately in the centre – (it was) extremely loud, it scared me,” she said.

Egan noticed a gaping hole in the plastic cover before spotting the mango floating in the pool, under the cover.

Amazingly, the mango wasn’t severely damaged, just flattened somewhat on one side.

“At first I thought it had to be someone throwing it in the yard,” Egan said, adding she also thought her husband Duane might be pulling off a prank. But that wasn’t the case.

Duane Egan doesn’t believe the mango was tossed into their pool.

“My son and I, we’ve thrown apples very high into the pool, and I’ve actually thrown it right at the cover as well – trying to bust through it, and I can’t,” Duane said.

“For the mango to bust right through it had to be coming pretty fast.”

The Egans have considered several possibilities: maybe it fell from the International Space Station, maybe it was shot out of a mango cannon or maybe a big bird dropped it.

But the couple said it probably came from an airplane since their McKenzie Towne home is under a well-used flight path for the Calgary International Airport.

As for how a large piece of fruit could fall out of a plane in the first place, no one knows. And the great mango mystery of McKenzie Towne may never be solved.

“Might be a very normal reason for this, but I don’t know what it is,” Egan said. - Mango mystery baffles Calgary family


Goodbye, 'Ghost Hunters!'

Onto the next? Not on Syfy, at least. After more than 200 episodes, and nearly 14 years of seeking proof of the paranormal, Ghost Hunters will be ending its run on the network following Season 11, which premieres Aug. 3, according to its star.

The announcement came via show lead Jason Hawes’ Facebook page on Tuesday night.

In the post, Hawes said, “With heavy heart we want to inform everyone that we are choosing at this time to end our relationship with SyFy channel.”

He went on to write, “We’ve been one of their top rated and top watched shows since TAPS and Pilgrim Films decided to join forces and create the show Ghost Hunters.”

He also added Ghost Hunters may return in another form: “There are some huge things in the works with TAPS, Ghost Hunters, Pilgrim Films and so much more.”

Debuting in 2004 on the erstwhile Sci-Fi Channel, the legacy of the docusoap, where a team of investigators (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) seek to debunk or affirm claims of ghostly activity, cannot be ignored. The show was a hit for the network for a while, and at its peak, pulled about three million viewers per episode. It is heretofore Syfy’s longest-running series, and ushered in an era of similarly-themed reality-TV shows. But the series, arguably with the exception of Travel Channel’s long-running Ghost Adventures, is the only one to truly become part of the pop culture lexicon and break through to the mainstream.

Co-founders, and original co-leads, Grant Wilson and Hawes (famously Roto-Rooter plumbers by day, busters by night) appeared on late-night talk shows and The Today Show, and the series was spoofed on Saturday Night Live, and South Park. It spawned spinoffs, live episodes, merchandise, apps, and ghosthunting events at famously “haunted” landmarks. The Ghost Hunters lingo, and use of night vision cameras, and other gadgets, could also be felt throughout movies and scripted TV, such as Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring, and Supernatural, among others.

However, the end of the series comes as no surprise as Syfy has shifted away from the paranormal reality-TV craze and re-centered its focus on scripted science-fiction programming. And while still a solid performer for the network, Season 10 averaged 880,000 viewers with a peak of 1.15 million viewers.

As for the announcement itself, Hawes’ post suggests it was his and production company Pilgrim Films’ choice to wrap the show’s run on Syfy, instead of being canceled by the network. Thus far the network has not made a statement.

Regarding the promise for what’s ahead, it is possible the show could have a life elsewhere. For example, the Discovery Networks channel Destination America has shifted to a primarily paranormal programming slate. Plus, while it may not fit on Syfy any longer, the brand itself is strong enough (and relatively inexpensive to produce) that a streaming network looking for unscripted shows could conceivably swoop in and pick it up.

Speculation aside, the end of Ghost Hunters at Syfy is an end to an interesting era at the network. The existence of the paranormal may not have ever been conclusively proven on the show, but the series leaves behind evidence of a Syfy legacy. Goodbye, Ghost Hunters!


Massive Great Hammerhead Shark Caught

A fisherman reeled in a massive great hammerhead shark last weekend off the coast of Padre Island, Texas.

Fisherman Eric Ozolins revealed in a now-deleted Facebook post that it took an hour and fifteen minutes to capture the monster fish close t0 Padre Island, which is located along the Texas southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The shark was measured 13 feet long and 80 inches in girth.

"13 feet is as big as they get," said to Padre Island National Seashore education coordinator William “Buzz” Botts in an interview with mysanantonio.com

Facebook deleted Ozolin's initial post showing the captured fish, possibly due to the graphic nature of the dead animal.

There are at least 33 species of sharks that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Park Service. - Man catches staggeringly big 13-foot-long hammerhead shark



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