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Monday, June 27, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre Event in Seattle -- Disembodied Hand on Vintage Photo -- Northern Minnesota Bigfoot

Bizarre Event in Seattle

2007 – Seattle, Washington

Christine in Seattle, Washington called Coast to Coast AM to tell of a bizarre experience she had and the weirdness that followed:

“I wanted to bring up something that happened, I think this was probably about eight years ago. I was talking to a friend on the phone and I was in my kitchen. I'd come home late, being out with some friends and it was probably about, pretty close to the two in the morning. I was in my kitchen, drinking a glass of water, chatting on the phone and, all of a sudden, I am not kidding, the entire, well, I imagine the entire apartment, but I could not see anything in front of me. Everything went absolutely white. There was this light that was so bright that I couldn't even see my own nose. And this stayed that way for about 4 to 5 seconds which doesn't sound like a long time but it sure is a long time when you don't know what it is. The light went away and within about 10 seconds, maybe less than that, there was this gigantic boom. And, of course, I thought, well, the bomb's dropped. Oddly enough, my friend that was on the phone could hear me. I thought that the communication would cut and I said, 'Are you there? Did you just see that?' And she did. And she lives about, I'd say, four miles away from me.

She immediately went to the internet and looked it up and there was some information that said that described what had happened, somebody had put it on immediately and then about four hours later there was nothing to be found about it anywhere. They didn't talk about it on the news. They didn't say anything about it on the radio. Nothing happened where anybody was talking about it and I'm not sure what it was. (Richard Dolan, the guest, asked where this event happened and what was the original explanation that the friend found on the internet before it was taken down.) I was in Seattle, Washington. And actually she, luckily enough, she printed it out and so we made some copies and laminated it, a couple of copies, just so it wouldn't deteriorate over time. We can't find that information anywhere. They said that they thought... I mean it was immediate, after that happened, I looked at my phone right after and within minutes that report was out, it said that it was a meteor. (Dolan finds the meteor explanation laughable and can't recall ever hearing about a meteor causing a complete white-out to the point of blindness for five seconds inside a person's home especially two homes four miles apart.) I talked to other people and I said, 'Did you see that?' And I haven't met one person in those eight years that saw it. And I just don't understand how my friend saw it, I saw it, we heard the boom and nobody saw anything. (Dolan finds it also curious that there was no follow-up with regards to a meteor impact in that area.) And the article said that the meteor hit in Portland, or near Portland, so I don't even understand how that could be, the meteor hit near Portland and... (Dolan interrupts wondering if it would even be possible to hear a meteor impact from Seattle) Yeah, exactly.”

Source: Coast to Coast - September 25, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Disembodied Hand on Vintage Photo

A photograph of Irish girls working at a linen mill back in 1900 has revealed a very creepy surprise - but can you spot it?

Our sister site Belfast Live first spotted this brilliant old snap when putting together a historical gallery, but little did they know the spooky secret the picture was hiding.

Everything seems normal - the snap shows a group of linen mill girls posing for a photo in their work clothes, each with a cord around her waist holding the tools they used everyday, Belfast Live reports.

But look closer – and you might spot that the young lady on the far right in the dark shirt has an extra – very creepy – “accessory” which she’s unaware of.

It was pointed out to Belfast Live by reader Lynda who has a direct link to the original picture. Read more at The ghostly object concealed in this spooky Irish snap will really give you a fright


Weird Flash / Huge Bee

Ephrata, WA - 2016-03-04: There was a weird flash and the object appeared. I noticed this car parked on the side of the road so I decided to snap a picture. There was a weird flash the moment I snapped the picture. I noticed a big bee appear. It just appeared to be floating in one spot. The object just disappeared after. - MUFON CMS


Northern Minnesota Bigfoot

Mike Hexum says he first saw Bigfoot from a homemade deer stand on Minnesota's Iron Range. He was 14 years old then, old enough for his father to send him alone into the woods with a sandwich and a rifle.

"He walked into a shooting lane 30 feet in front of me," Hexum recalls. "I thought it was a guy. A big dark guy with a prehistoric face on it. Of course I freaked out. I couldn't get out of the woods fast enough."

He told his father what he saw, and his father told him never to talk about it.

"He said it would embarrass the family," Hexum says.

So Hexum went on with his life. He got out of high school, moved away and got married. He had three kids, and he didn't talk about Bigfoot. For a long time, he says, he forgot what he'd seen.

But the marriage didn't work out, and a few years ago he was laid off from his welding job.

He moved back to a small cabin in the woods, near his childhood home and started watching TV shows about Bigfoot. Then one morning, he says, he saw Bigfoot again. Read more at Searching for Bigfoot in northern Minnesota



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