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Monday, June 27, 2016

High Strangeness in Santa Barbara County

Frank in Newport Beach, California called Coast to Coast AM to tell of some strange disappearances that happened when he was attending college in Santa Barbara County, California:

“I have two stories of people I know personally who had kind of a similar disappearance experience on a college campus. They both happened in my freshman year of college. The first time it was a buddy of mine from the dorms. We had all been out partying and stuff. You know, we had been drinking but all of us were coherent. We weren't like blacked out drunk or anything. And, anyway, we're going back to the dorms at the end of the night and one of my buddies had his bicycle with him. The rest of us are walking and he's kind of, you know, riding circles around us on his bike. Finally he takes off once we get to campus. He takes off heading south towards the dorms. So we figured, okay, we're gonna get back to the dorms, he's gonna be there waiting for us.

We get back to the dorms and he's not there. So we wait around. We figure maybe he got food or something. And so he doesn't turn up for like an hour so we start calling him and texting him and stuff and no response. Finally he answers the phone after about two hours and he... all we hear is like super heavy breathing and we're trying to talk to him, like, 'Hey man, where are you, what's going on?' and it's just super heavy breathing and finally we start hearing him and it's kind of like mumbling. We can't really make out what he's saying and then he hangs up the phone. So we went back out and started looking for him around campus and stuff. Nothing. We couldn’t' find him.

So, the next day, he shows up around 1:00 pm. He comes back to the dorm and he looks like crap. He's wearing the same clothes as the night before. He looks terrible and we were like, 'Dude, what happened?' He goes, 'I don't know? I woke up in a field like six miles north of campus.' The last time we saw him, he was biking south. He winds up six miles north. And he's like, 'Yeah, I woke up in a field. My bike is gone. I have no idea what happened and I just had to walk home.' So to this day we have no idea what happened to him. We were all experienced with alcohol and stuff. We knew how to handle our drinks. None of us were blacked out. We were all coherent. Otherwise I would have just figured he was super drunk and had no idea but we saw him heading south onto campus. I mean he rode onto campus which is well lit. There are police officers patrolling, you know, and he winds up far north. So, super weird. Anyways, it gets weirder.

About maybe two months later, my roommate doesn't come home after one night of partying which was normal for him. He had friends out, that lived off campus who he would occasionally crash with at night. And so he doesn't come home and I think, okay, he's just staying with friends. Next day he still doesn't come back. Next morning, I figure okay maybe they got breakfast together, they're hanging out or whatever. By the afternoon I'm starting to get weirded out here. Sure enough a couple of his friends he would have been staying with come knock on my door and they say, 'Hey man, have you seen so and so?' and I said, no, I haven't seen him, I thought he was with you guys. Sure enough, they're like, 'Dude, he left the party last night and none of us have seen him. He's not answering his phone. We don't know where he is.' Last we heard from him, he posted a video of this... it's Snapchat where you post short videos of yourself. They're like, 'He posted a couple of videos of him riding his bike down a big street just like breathing super heavy. And we're like, what the hell?

So finally it turns out, we called the County Sheriff thinking... we called the hospital. We called the Sheriff trying to figure out if they picked him up. Turns out they picked him up about a half mile away from the field where my other buddy spent the night. They picked him up a half mile further down the same road driving a golf cart. He lost his bike and somehow wound up on a golf cart. Totally healthy. This was Santa Barbara County, California.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - March 23, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: Very bizarre events...especially that both students were on bikes and found in the same location, which was in the opposite direction of their perceived travel. Possible abduction? Lon

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