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Monday, June 13, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Entity Among the Tombstones -- White Sari Ghost at Airport -- Coney Island UFO / Humanoid Encounter

Entity Among the Tombstones

I received the following image and information from a reader:

I went to a few old graveyard with a few friends to see if we could catch a ghost on camera at night. We're not ghost hunters, we were just bored. I took several pictures and didn't see anything interesting in the photograph I attached. Before I deleted this picture I adjusted the brightness and saw what appears to be a ghost/shadow on the right side of the picture. You can see it standing in front of the headstone. There was definitely something creepy there and we all had the bad feeling we were being watched. My friend even had goosebumps and wanted to leave the graveyard right after we got there. The graveyard is in Middleburg, Florida. Jack


White Sari Woman at Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore may be famous for its pleasant climate, IT hubs and malls but it is as infamous for its more than a few haunted spots. Interestingly, most prominent of them is not even an old, dilapidated house like you expect haunted places to be. It is, in fact, one of the busiest places in the city: the Bangalore International Airport or Kempegowda International Airport!

The airport became the talk of the town when a pilot saw a lady in a white sari on the runway and asked airport staff to help her. But when they reached there, the lady disappeared. This isn’t the only time this happened. Airport staff claimed that they saw the woman again in other parts of the airport as well like the cargo building, near one of the escalators and the parking bay. Spooky isn’t it?

The story was covered by local media too when there was a frenzy among the employees about the ghost of a woman lurking in the airport premises, so much so that many refused to work the night shift out of fear for their life. Though no one was hurt, the spirit of the woman was enough to send a chill down one’s spine. Some even claimed to have seen a headless ghost. Infrared rays were used to detect if there was anything unusual in these areas and experts detected the presence of some negative energy.

The Air Traffic Control denied any such incident taking place, but the pilot and the staff who were witness to the woman’s spirit can never forget what they saw. These incidents have made Bangalore airport one of the most haunted places in India. Would you be daring enough to take a late night flight? - India’s Most Haunted: Bangalore International Airport


Coney Island UFO / Humanoid Encounter

Coney Island, NY: Sometime in Sept 2001 was on the Coney Island boardwalk around w31st sitting on a bench with my girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. We saw a flash of light in the sky and all of sudden the sand on the beach rolled up like a wave and then some craft all black was above us. We made an attempt to run but then there was a bright light, we couldn't move in my peripheral vision I can see people walking past us and my girlfriend was looking up with tears in her eyes and then a humanoid figure surrounded by or was in the form of a bright light appeared and stepped up behind her and vanished. Then all was normal again. We took off running until we go to the w31st and there was something above the clouds. I estimated to be larger than Central park with 3/4 rows of light rotating clock/counter clockwise. We saw 13 smaller crafts come from the larger one heading in separate directions then there was something that looked like a cloud shaped like a ruler with definition, 7 black crafts in the same shape came out of it and then the sky turned all sorts of colors. The clouds rolled in an indescribable way. On the 15th of Sept 2001 my son was born and on the heel of his left foot there's a dark mark very defined that looks like a UFO or pyramid. I honestly don't care if this is taken as a joke. Just thought I'd share. - MUFON CMS


Megan Fox wants to expose the planet's deep mysteries

Megan Fox has spoken about her wish to move away from acting to help expose the planet’s “deep mysteries”.

The actor, who stars in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, believes that performing isn’t her “ultimate passion” and instead wants to explore other avenues.

“I have other skill sets and gifts that are much, much stronger that I am obligated to exercise and use,” she told the LA Times. “I’m really more intellectually minded. I’ve always been into alternative history, antiquities, archaeology. I’ve always been really consumed by these deep mysteries that exist on our planet that can’t be explained today by science. They eat away at me.”

One reason behind this passion is a tour she took of the Great Pyramid of Giza while filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. “They may have been some type of energy plant at some point,” says Fox. “The sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid was put there by the government for tourism. And that sparked in me an interest in really exposing this sort of thing, because I realised I have access to things I shouldn’t have access to because of what I do for a living.”

She believes that the best way of doing this is a career in journalism and thinks that working for Vice would “be a dream”.

She also addressed the way she is pigeonholed because of her looks. “You know how women that are always cast in James Bond movies are pinups but their job in the movies is always being a marine biologist or neuroscientist?” she said. “I think people react to me that way. Like, ‘Right, she’s studying neurobiology.’ But I am really interested in that.”

But when offered the example of how her body is salaciously filmed in the new Turtles sequel, she believes that “resistance is futile, at this point” and she isn’t going to “keep fighting the image that exists”.


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