Monday, June 06, 2016

'Phantoms & Monsters' Can Use Your Assistance

'Phantoms & Monsters' can use your assistance. Over a year ago I removed, then refused to re-install, link and pop-up advertising because it simply slowed the blog and hampered reader navigation. There have been other advertising opportunities that I felt were inappropriate for the blog, even though the financial benefit would have been significant. I still consider 'Phantoms & Monsters' a publication that can be read by young enthusiasts. As a result of the current advertising policy, I am receiving $2000+ less per year in fees.

My goal has been to present current alternative news, interesting paranormal events and descriptions of the anomalous world that surrounds us all. I also strive to provide astral and intuitive insight for those seeking help. I hope I've achieved this...and I would appreciate your kind consideration. Lon

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