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Daily 2 Cents: 'My neighbors are aliens' -- Lizzie, the Loch Ness Monster? -- Study Shows Psychic Powers Are Real

'My neighbors are aliens'

Hauntings, alien visits and attacks from vampires, werewolves and zombies are being reported to West Yorkshire Police every week.

Hundreds of people have been calling 999 to report terrifying supernatural occurrences in their homes - and West Yorkshire Police received 806 reports in 2015 alone.

One Huddersfield caller phoned the police in September 2010 saying they believed there were ghosts in their house who were going to 'get' somebody - and in May that year, a Dewsbury caller phoned to say their neighbours were aliens.

Another Dewsbury caller rang in November last year saying that an unnamed person was a vampire - and they wanted people to know.

And last August a Huddersfield person rang to report that their house was haunted.

Bradford had a number of reports, including three calls made to the same police division last March reporting an unnamed person had been assaulted through secret powers, had supernatural magic powers, and was using supernatural powers as a threat. A further unnamed person had used supernatural powers to visit someone else.

An incident of someone being chased by zombies was reported by a Keighley caller last May, while another caller from that area phoned in August called accusing someone of being a vampire.

In May 2013 a caller from Inner West Leeds district stated to switchboard operators someone had made them a zombie.

In Pontefract a caller told South East Wakefield police they could 'see things as ghosts at night' in March 2011, and in Bradford South a caller said they thought a ghost had been in their property.

In February last year a caller made a report of 'evil aliens', accusing them of stealing an unknown item - and the same caller accused someone of being an evil alien.

Werewolf reports were centred on Bradford with one caller phoning last August to report 'werewolf activity' and questioned what the werewolves were doing. Read more at "My neighbours are aliens"


Loch Ness Monster was nearly named after The Queen

Scientists wanted to name the Loch Ness Monster after The Queen but she politely declined warning the choice would be ‘most regrettable’ if it turned out to be a hoax.

Naturalist Peter Scott, the son of polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott, wrote to the royal family in 1960 offering to name the elusive animal ‘Elizabethia nessiae’, a new book has uncovered.

Scott, a fellow of the Royal Society, was convinced that the Nessie existed after seeing footage of the loch, shot by aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale, in April of the same year, which showed a large object moving slowly though the water.

Dinsdale wanted the whole area turned into a national reserve and asked Scott to use his royal connections to gain approval from Her Majesty.

Although the Queen was said to be ‘very interested’ advisors replied to Scott saying it would not be appropriate to attach her name to something that was viewed as a ‘monster.’ Read more at Loch Ness Monster was nearly named after The Queen


Study Shows Psychic Powers Are Real: Can A Psychic Read The Future?

A Cornell University social psychologist, Dr. Bem, conducted a series of studies to conclude that the psychics can not only predict past events, but can see into the future, as well. Perhaps psychic powers are real and a psychic can read the future.

Dr. Bem’s studies are unique and different from other research conducted on psi. In one of Dr. Bem’s studies, he gave college students a list of words. After studying the words for a short time, he gave them a surprise test to see how many words they could remember from the list. A few words were then randomly selected, which the students were asked to retype them multiple times for practice. The study showed that the students were able to better remember the words during the surprise test that were chosen during a random practice. Did the students see into the future?

Another study Dr. Bem conducted was done with a photo generator. The computer would flash a photo and the students would have to choose whether or not the image was positive or negative. Quickly, a word would be flashed, whether a positive or negative word, directly after. The study showed that reaction times were slowed down for pictures that were followed with words that were opposite from what could be seen from the photo.

For example, a photo of a cute kitten was shown. Obviously most would think “positive.” The word “menace” was flashed after the photo was revealed. Students were hesitant on what to choose because they were looking into the future and seeing the word that totally changes the outlook on the photo.

Overall, Dr. Bem conducted nine studies, and all but one concluded psychic abilities were, indeed, real. Of course there were some skeptics, including Joachim Krueger, a US psychologist. Read more at Study Shows Psychic Powers Are Real: Can A Psychic Read The Future?


Man finds two huge snakes dangling from attic

Mark Hyatt got the shock of his life when he encountered the nightmarish spectacle inside his own home.

If there's one thing worse than finding a snake in your house, it's arriving back home to find two large snakes wrapped around one another while dangling from your ceiling.

This was the shocking scenario that greeted horrified homeowner Matt Hyatt of Greenwood, South Carolina earlier this week when he opened his front door after returning from work.

"Yes, this is what I came home to today," he wrote on Facebook.

He was eventually able to remove one of the two snakes from the house but later admitted that the second had managed to escape and he had no idea where it had gone.

"Anyone want to come for a sleep over at my place tonight ?" he joked.

The footage he captured of the snakes, which can be viewed above, has since gone viral online. Read more at Man finds two huge snakes dangling from atticMan finds two huge snakes dangling from attic


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