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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Aliens on the Porch?

April 1968 - Cornville, Maine

GingerAnne, an artist, decided to animate her mother's alien encounter that occurred in April of 1986. The video is narrated Jeanine D. and animated by GingerAnne:

“We were living up in Cornville, Maine. I was exercising in my kitchen and then all of a sudden all the lights went out. So I grabbed my 38. Special out of the cabinet which we kept in the kitchen. I grabbed it and ran across the house because it was a big long house. I ran across it and sat with the kids. I could hear movement on the porch and my dog was outside was barking and I saw these little figures, like little greyish-white figures. It was pouring out at the time, they were like scampering around the porch making no noise, looking through the windows and I heard a door slam upstairs because it's a big old farmhouse but we didn't use the upstairs. So my hand is on the gun butt, I mean my hand is literally blistering. I just yelled out, 'I have a gun and I'm gonna use it. I'm gonna ask questions later. I'm gonna shoot and ask questions later.' And then I heard another door slam upstairs. And all of a sudden I hear my husband's truck coming up the driveway. The minute the lights turned the corner, the lights all came back on in the house and the dog stopped barking. It was just really strange because the minute Greg came in the house, I collapsed into his arms and told him what happened. That these creatures were all over the porch and I had the gun. He had to take the gun and pry it from my hand. I would not let the gun go. I was so afraid. They just disappeared after that.”

In the video's comments, GingerAnne was asked if her father saw any beings that night. “No but he remembers coming home to my mother being really scared and noticing at first there were not lights on in the house and then they popped on right when he drove up towards the house. He might not of seen anything outside due to the rain."

GingerAnne was also asked her personal opinion of what happened that night and if it was aliens: “I have questioned it alot. But I wouldn't doubt it was something unexplainable. I do believe we are not alone and that we ourselves have tried to be aliens on other planets. Who's really to say? Up in Cornville Maine there is really just nothing for miles and miles. If I gave my opinion, I would say something extraterrestrial happened that night. Mom thinks they wanted me and my brother Bruce."

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=QarmSMHO85Q, “Real ALIEN STORY - Told with Sand Animation by GINGERANNE”

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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