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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Black Eyed Boys Watching Me

2001 – Arkansas

Popular YouTuber Kyla Rebecca made a video about her experiences growing up in a haunted house in Arkansas:

“The first thing I remember seeing. I cannot tell you how old I was because I do not know. I don't even think I was in school yet. I was really really young. So keep in mind that the things that I'm going to be saying about this is going to be my 25 year old self speaking for my young child self.

I loved being outside and I would always go out into our backyard and I would play with my dog. Or I would swing on my swing and anytime one of the neighbors would come out it was never a big deal because I knew who our neighbors were. We had those kind of fences that were shaped like this (motions with hands - she's describing a typical chain-link fence). I don't know if you know what I'm talking about. They're wired and they kind of a shaped... one of those really really crappy fences. Like they don't really stop anybody from seeing in the fence at all. You could see right through them. The two neighbors on each side had those fences but on this side our neighbor had the wire fence but on the other side of them, the neighbors had a wooden fence. There was a space about like that – holds arms apart (maybe 25 inches) that you could walk through it, and you could walk from the street-view side to the back behind our streets and we have like a tree-house back there and stuff. So it wasn't unusual that the kids in the neighborhood would go on that little walkway and go to the tree-house. That wasn't weird at all. That was something very normal. So it didn't make sense why this moment really scared the shit out of me.

I was in the backyard and all of a sudden I got that feeling. Sorry I'm getting chills. All of a sudden I got that feeling like I was being stared at. Seriously it scares me to talk about it. I looked in the direction that I felt like I was being stared at from and there were two boys. They had very very pale, lifeless faces. They were both wearing leather jackets and they both had shoulder-length hair. One looked older. He had his arms up on the fence like this (arms resting on fence) and he was going like this (looks intensely at the camera) and he was staring at me. The other one was kneeling down on one knee and he had his other knee up and his elbow was resting on it and he was peering through the little holes at me. When I turned and I looked at these boys I made eye contact with the one that was like this (the older one) and it was like someone took a magnifying glass or something and put it in front of my face and it was like I was looking at his face like this close to it (gestures that she was mere inches from it). I have never seen anybody with eyes that black and that soulless in my life. I have never in my life seen anybody where when they're standing there, it's almost like they're an image. These boys looked human but the life was not in their faces. And that the weirdest thing was that the wind was not blowing their hair around. Everything about them was like frozen there. That is the only thing I remember about that moment.

As I got older I realized that I had never saw these boys before that. I had never seen them since then. I described them to my family and my family never ever seen anybody that looked like that on the street. I don't really know what to say of that experience other than there's something in my memory of it and me seeing it there's something about it that did not feel right. Out of all the times in my childhood where I looked and I saw somebody or I was being looked at by somebody I never ever had an experience like that.”

Source: Kyla Rebecca Youtube Channel, SCARY GHOST STORIES! | My Paranormal Experiences | Living in a Haunted House, Published on 31 Oct 2015.

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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