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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Hat Man' Emerged From the Light -- New Crop Formation -- Anomaly Above Sedona, AZ

The 'Hat Man' Emerged From the Light

Milena in Belgrade, Serbia emailed Heidi Hollis on her show regarding something strange she observed as a child:

“For a long time I didn't admit it happened but then a year ago I spoke to my brother and we recollected an occurrence. I am 33 years old now. I was 9 and my brother was 4 and a half at the time. We were alone at home at our apartment in Serbia in Belgrade. We were in our parent's bed watching TV. Behind the TV was the balcony. We lived on the second floor and there was no possible access to the balcony unless someone was flying. All of a sudden there was a really bright blinding light coming from somewhere outside and there was a tall dark shadow appearing from the light. We could clearly see a hat. He just stood there and we both got really scared. I don't know what happened after that or for how long, I just know the fear was unbearable. Before that I would usually see different shadows in different places, usually before I would go to bed and they used to frighten me. That was the reason I was so afraid of the dark. I always slept with the lights on. I believe after the last incident, I got so scared that I blocked it out and it never happened again.”

Inception Radio - Heidi Hollis The Outlander – July 1, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


New Crop Formation - White Sheet Hill, Stourton, Wiltshire

June 29, 2016


Anomaly Above Sedona, AZ

My name is [moved to FI Section/CMS/jpg] and I lived in Sedona Az from 1994-2009 when then I moved to Buffalo NY. I recently took a trip back to Sedona to see my family. It was the first time back to Sedona in five years and my girlfriend and I stayed with my parents there. I was excited to see the beautiful sky and also got a couple powerful star pointers to add to the fun of the trip. We arrived in Sedona on 6-15 and every night we started going out to look at the stars and play with the lasers. The moon was full the third night we were there so I was a little disappointed we couldn't see the stars better but it was still amazing. Every night we went outside at some point watching the stars and counting dozens of satellite and jetliners.

On the night of 6-23, my dad and I started watching the sky around 10:15pm right out in the dark street in front of the house. I caught a couple shooting stars but there was a small strip of cloud above us that the moon had slightly illuminated, and it was partially blocking out the stars straight above. After 30 min of an uneventful sky I started to point my laser at the cloud directly above me seeing if I could see the laser on the cloud at all. I held it on the cloud for a min, blinked it a couple times then before I knew it something illuminated in in the cloud right next to where I pointed my laser. The cloud was wispy and low. The object in the clouds would glow so bright it was intimidating. My dad and I froze, and just watched. It would light up every ten secs or so illuminating the cloud around it then moving a short distance before illuminating again. At this point I ran inside and grabbed my girlfriend, I said "honey UFO!". She ran outside just as it lit up again on the edge of the cloud, move a little ways, then illuminated again. It moved out of the cloud and into night sky as we watched it now illuminating and appearing out of the black. I ran back inside, got my mom out of bed and she ran out to watch it move off to the west with the rest of us. We could see it glowing more orange in the distance appearing and disappearing in the dark. We were just speechless.

My last night was the next night and my mom and I spent some time outside looking at the sky again and after some time I believe we saw the same object off at a distance over the mountains for just a min or two. My parents are not the type of people to talk about UFO, but over the last year my interest in them has peaked. I knew they were out there but in all my years I had seen nothing and my parents had not either. I think my dad my be a little in shock by what we saw. I have not been able to stop thinking about it. My girlfriend is speechless too.

One strange note about this is that we all know it happened right at 10:45pm. I know it happened at that time too, but when I think back and remember myself running up the porch into my house to get my girlfriend, I always see it as daytime in my head. I think its because I was in such shock and excitement but I thought I should mention it. I feel like this thing we saw stays over that area because we caught it that second night. Someone else has had to have seen this thing. I want to find out the truth about what I saw now...its hard to stop seeing in my head, especially after traveling back home to buffalo yesterday and being super tired. I hope this can get some answers.... Someone else has had to have seen this thing. I want to find out the truth about what I saw now...its hard to stop seeing in my head, especially after traveling back home to buffalo yesterday and being super tired. I hope this can get some answers.... - MUFON CMS


'Lucky' Number Plates

A man in China got more than he bargained for when he splashed out $150,000 on the number plate '88888'.

Despite only having a GM pickup truck worth around $5000, the Chinese motorist, who is known only as Mr Zhou, decided to spend one million yuan ( $150,000 ) on a customized number plate.

Far from bringing him good fortune however the plate, which reads '88888', saw him pulled over no less than eight times on the first day alone by police officers who didn't believe that it was genuine.

"Police would see me and then wave to me pull over," he said. "I ended up being stopped for longer periods than I was actually driving. It has caused so much trouble."

In China the number eight is traditionally associated with good luck while the number four, which sounds like 'death' when recited in mandarin, is considered to be unlucky.



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