Saturday, June 11, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Yellow-Eyed Shadow Man -- Venomous ‘Clinging Jelly Fish’ Appears In Water Off New Jersey Coast -- Reptile-Like Humanoid Encountered

Yellow-Eyed Shadow Man

Joel McDonald from Australia wrote in to tell of a bizarre encounter he had while recuperating in a hospital:

“So I've been in the hospital for the past week since I had a major operation. Everything's going fine now, doctors are letting me out soon. So being the ghost hunter I like to think I am, I've been on the lookout for paranormal things due to it being an old hospital. I've not seen or heard anything that I would call paranormal until tonight. Two days ago I was moved into an outside single room on my ward. Tonight I was looking into the blank space of the TV in my room watching a reflection of the people walking as they passed. Yeah, I know, time well spent. So, as I watch this one shadow walk past slowly and it looked pretty tall. I'm 6'4, so it was taller than that. And as the shadow came to a stop, I watched it turn. Now mind you, I'm still thinking it's someone who's gotten lost but hell no, it turns and looks dead straight at my room. Yup, and you guessed it, it's time to call the nurse for a change of pants. Not only is this thing taller than me, like way taller, but in the reflection, it's got yellow eyes. Now I'm man enough to say that when I'm scared and this was one of the times. I didn't turn around to look. I didn't see anyone walk past the door in this time and it's safe to say I for one will not be sleeping any-time soon. It didn't last that long, only a few seconds but long enough for me to be thinking, WTF?”

Source: Darkness Radio - June 6, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Venomous ‘Clinging Jelly Fish’ Appears In Water Off New Jersey Coast

POINT PLEASANT, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There’s danger in the water off the coast of New Jersey.

As fisherman discovered a jelly fish never before seen in local waters.

CBS2’s Meg Baker spoke with the men – who are no strangers to the sting of a jelly fish – in the Pt. Pleasant Canal.

“I got stung one time. It wasn’t very nice,” Ed said.

Now, water lovers on the Jersey Shore are facing a new potential danger, a type of jelly fish called the clinging jelly fish.

It’s normally only found in the Pacific Ocean, and scientists are mystified as to how it got here.

“This species is extremely small, it does in fact have very potent venom,” Dr. Paul Bologna, Marine Biologist, Montclair State University said.

Dr. Bologna heads the Marine Biology Program at Montclair State University. He said the clinging jelly fish has been spotted in Massachusetts near Cape Cod, but never before in New Jersey, until this week.

“It was the fishermen that was fishing at night shined a flash light down into the water and saw something he had never seen before,” Dr. Bolgna said.

Marine biologists said the picky creatures don’t like the ocean, they stick to the bay, and don’t like the sunlight.

“It’s only at night they swim up to the water column to feed, so the likelihood you are going to encounter them are low,” Dr. Bologna said.

If you do.

“We recommend white wine vinegar, we carry it on the boat,” he added.

The vinegar deactivates any stinging cells that have yet to be fired.

“Larger stings, multiple stings, some individuals have reported adrenal failure needing to go to the emergency room,” Dr. Bologna said.

The professor said he is fairly certain that where there is one there are many.

Marine biologists said the Barnegat Bay is a perfect area for the clinging creatures because they like quiet areas with grass beds and rock to hold onto. - Venomous ‘Clinging Jelly Fish’ Appears In Water Off New Jersey Coast


Reptile-Like Humanoid Encountered

Homewood, AL - 2012-03-01: While in my home one day working out i had been going through some things spiritually so i did a lot of research on VARIOUS things... so i would work out and meditate and for the record i am a firm believer in God...but while taking a break i sat down and looked at tv and then for some reason i had a notion in my mind to look up to my left... why, i don't know... But i saw a silhouette that had a weird shape and looked like a deformed bubble but not actually a bubble i felt a presence... so i watched it for a while and then looked away just the same way i had looked up at it.... I felt the presence what ever it was i wouldn't move not couldn't but would NOT i just sat there.. Ok i brushed that off... Then i was awaken out of my sleep one late night on my stomach with my head being pulled back with a weird force and a noise... Whats crazy is i brushed that off! I'm scared im like ok but i continue researching and meditating (praying) anyway... Then i'm laying in my bed one night cant sleep but want to sleep... I was awake and suddenly i had a sighting which felt different more personal because for that moment nothing else existed... i don't know what to call it but i saw a human reptile with red eyes... Resembled an athletic mans body...but reptile.. And it didn't speak i felt the tension between us i looked as if it wanted me i don't know for what or why but i knew in that moment it couldn't have me and so i stared it or him back down and it turned and walked away... Or should i say went away - MUFON CMS


Live Grenade Removed From Soldier's Head

A Colombian soldier had been on patrol when he accidentally fired a grenade launcher at his own head.

The incident, which took place in the northeastern city of Arauca, left the unfortunate soldier in the precarious position of having a live grenade embedded in the side of his skull.

The emergency services deemed it too risky to transport him by helicopter so they instead opted to take him on an eight-hour journey by ambulance to a military hospital in the capital Bogota.

Due to the risk of an explosion, doctors set up a makeshift operating theater in the hospital's car park where they painstakingly removed the grenade in a highly nerve-wracking operation.

Fortunately however the device was eventually removed and the soldier's condition has since been described as 'stable'. He is expected to need four more operations to help rebuild his face but should eventually go on to make a full recovery. - Docs remove grenade from soldier's head



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