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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Newfoundland Bigfoot

John from Newfoundland, Canada wrote in to 'Where Did the Road Go? Radio' to tell of something strange that he saw:

“About 8 years ago, me and two of my friends were driving to a little town called Branch, Newfoundland about two and a half hours from St. Johns where we lived. We were bringing back my friend to his cabin to get a car his uncle was fixing. So on the way back D is in front with his car and M and I are in M's car. It is maybe an hour or two after sunset. Primetime for wayward moose on the highway. So D. is up front with his high beams and we are twenty feet or so behind, trying to stay in the wash of his headlights. Sure enough, ten minutes later, a baby moose and it's mother wander across the road so we slow down keeping our eyes on the woodline just behind the ditch on the side of the road. A few turns later, we speed up a little and with that, in the ditch, on the left side of the road is a giant human-shaped hairy ape. We all saw it when D's headlights lit him up and as our tail-lights hit him , he was doing that turning back look from the Patterson Film. The damn thing was eye level with me sitting in the car and it was standing in the ditch staring at me with dark green eyes from the reflection and without pause it took two strides out of the ditch into the woods. None of us had cellphones so we planned to stop at an old train bridge over an old water fall and when we pulled up beside D's car and rolled down the window, D leaned over and said, Did you guys see the hairy naked man in the ditch? We were speechless and no one wanted to get out of the car so we just got back on the road and left. Yes, we have bears and I have seen bears stumble on hind legs but this was no bear. This was Bigfoot!”

Source: Where Did the Road Go? Radio – October 17, 2015 “Listener's Stories”

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

Here is another incident in Newfoundland (Labrador):

Hi Lon,
Don't know if this is any useful info but between 1958-59 my father, (Msgt. GW) was stationed at Goose Bay with the Office of Special Investigations Detachment (OSI). There purpose was to investigate criminal activity on the base and also any unexplained activity in and around the Air Base. He told me he and his partner (name unknown) investigated several reposts of large bi-pedal animals seen by security patrols and also possible UFOs in the vicinity. According to him all these reports were squashed by the base commander like they were at Bentwaters in the UK.

I cannot confirm this info since my Dad passed away in 1978 after serving 34 years in the Army Air Corps and Air Force. He was a decorated vet of WW II, Korea and Vietnam. At one point he was the Senior Investigator in the OSI.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Hammonton, NJ

NOTE: I appreciate the information provided by RW since in confirms some of what I have been told. My father was also stationed at Goose Bay in 1954 while serving in the USAF Strategic Air Command. He has never come forward with any related incidents, but I have received small bits of sighting information over the years. Any further reports or knowledge on this subject would be welcomed. Lon

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