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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

'They had no face. No hair. No clothes...'

Emilee Mahar in North Dakota decided to share her strange encounter in a YouTube video called “ALIENS ARE REAL!! // STORYTIME”:

“I'm seriously about to share with you one of the scariest experiences I've ever had in my whole life.This was about 3, actually almost 4 years ago, I think. Time has flown since I graduated high-school. But I was with one of my good friends of the time, her name was Olivia. And we were just driving around one night because we were just literally, literally, there's nothing to do in this town. Pretty boring. So we were just driving around one day, trying to explore different places in the town I've lived in my whole life. Tried to find places I've never been before. So we were on this road. It was just like, let's just drive down this road as far as we can go. So we're driving. We're driving. We're driving. And all of a sudden it goes into a golf course. Oh hey, I've been here before. It's really boring down there. We have to turn around on this road, so let's go down this road. So we go down this road and it's like kind of a minimum maintenance road sorta. And there's this shed at the end so we're gonna go check out this shed. So we turned down this road. It's like, the building is right here and the road is going this way (moves hand in front of finger in straight line) and there's kind of like a parking lot. A gravel parking lot thing. And we were like right here (very close to parking lot) going around and all of a sudden there's a car parked right here behind the building. So you couldn't see it from the road. So we were like, Oh, there's a car. We're not gonna go here. That's kind of sketchy. Why's there a car just sitting here? We were both so freaked out.

You guys are gonna think I'm crazy, honestly, but I know what I saw. And throughout all of these years, I haven't been able to come up with anything in my head that this could have been besides aliens, honestly. And she saw the same exact thing as me. So as we were in the process of turning around, I was trying to see if anybody was in the car. And I look over and I just froze. Three completely white, no face, no hair... It was like one of those morph body suits, you know people put on, but they looked plastic kind of. The best way I can describe it, seriously, they looked like the Forever 21 Mannequins that have no face or no hair on them. A white figure in the driver's seat, a white figure in the passenger seat and a white figure in the backseat in this like, kind of leaning forward. I just stopped the car and I was just looking at them trying to see if what I was seeing would change to real people because they weren't... and they never did. All of a sudden, they just flip on their lights and they just book it. They are gone. They take off in their car so fast, down that minimum maintenance road. I don't even know who or what they were. Best way I can describe them as are aliens. They were probably aliens. She agrees. They were friggin' aliens.

So I instinctively just start chasing them. I was so intrigued. I'm such an adrenaline junkie, I will do anything. It's just who I am. I'm a go-getter. So I just booked it. I went down that minimum maintenance road. I was flying behind them. They didn't even have license plates. Which was just really creepy. They just had one of those license plates that had a car dealership name on it still so it was a new car. I was following so close behind them. They were going so fast. They were in a 25, they were probably going 35. And I was trying to keep up with them but I was also still trying to be a cautious driver at the same time because I was scared. I didn't want to crash my car. I was so close behind them and all of a sudden. They ran a stop sign. So I slowed down. I looked both ways. No I didn't stop all the way but I made sure nobody was coming. She said nobody was coming so I just floored it again and I caught up with them. They're going down.... taking random turns, trying to lose us. They’re going down such winding roads. I think I lost them two or three times but I always ended up finding them. But all of a sudden they seriously ran a red light. Straight red light. Straight red. They probably flew through it at 45 miles an hour. Straight red. It wasn't turning red. It was already straight red. They were going so fast, there's no way for them to tell if a car was coming. That's when I had lost them. I stopped and my heart was just pounding and she was like, 'What just happened?' Still to this day, I have no idea what or who they were. I honest to God think that they were aliens... They had no face. No hair. No clothes.”

Source: Emilee Mahar, “ALIENS ARE REAL!! // STORYTIME”, Published on 7 Aug 2015.

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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