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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Another 'Nessie' Video

The video can be found at Tourist captures video of ‘Loch Ness Monster’s humps’ racing through the water

The witness Tony Bligh said, ‘While visiting Loch Ness I noticed this weird formation on the loch near to Inverness end of the loch. Could it be the elusive Nessie?

‘It was quite long. “The humps were consistently the same length apart. I don’t know what it was. It was very unusual.

In the video there appeared to be four to five humps, about 6ft apart, which moved in unison – but Tony did concede there was a boat about 1200ft away.

No doubt, as with most supposed Nessie videos, this is just wakes from a boat.

There has been a spat of videos and photo captures on the loch in recent years, though I haven't seen any real evidence supporting the Loch Ness Monster claims.

This is in contrast to Katy Elizabeth's research at 'Champ Search,' where convincing evidence of an underwater cryptid has been found. You can read about Katy's work at Searching For 'Enigmas of the Deep' and 'Champ Search' Finds 'Champ?'...Lon

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